Some random information about ancestors.

Thank you to Mary Jean Caldwell for the information below!

Did you know that Thomas Cobbley’s wife Sarah Smith was the older sister to Charlotte Smith and also daughter of John Smith and Hannah Sutton? I can remember my Dad teasing Grandma Wright, calling the Wright ancestor Car-o-lot-ta. Yes, he drew it out nice and slow.

By the way, John and Hannah Sutton Smith is where Calvin and Lucille become 2nd or 3rd cousins, depending on how you look at it. Sarah Smith, their daughter, married Thomas Cobbley. And just for the fun of it, their daughter Hannah married Thomas Woolley. He married Harriet Shoell after Joseph Davis died. We are super related to that family!

Mathew Bezzant was on the same ship as Maria Ann Cook and supposedly in the same pioneer company.

Did you know that Maria Ann and Matthew met coming to Utah? They were on the same boat, Hudson–if you want to look it up, and sailed 4 June 1864. After six weeks they arrived in New York, went by railroad to Nebraska, crossed the plains, arriving in SLC 11 November 1864. They were married the following spring.

Calvin taught school at the Spencer School in Orem between Lehi and Pleasant Grove.