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Isaac Mathis

Isaac Mathis, a son of Isham Mathis and Priscilla Jeffs, was born in Guileford Country, North Carolina, about 1795. Little is known of his boyhood. When the war of 1812 began, he was anxious to volunteer. He was too young to do so, but that didn’t dampen his spirits or decrease his desire to serve. In the summer of 1814, he ran away from home and made his way to Tennessee. In Dickson County he enlisted as a private in Captain Francis S. Ellis’ Company of Infantry, Second Cock’s Tennessee Militia. He was in the Battle of New Orleans. This was the turning point in the war, and so on May 13, 1816, he received his discharge. He went back to his home in North Carolina, where he worked on his father’s plantation. Continue reading “Isaac Mathis”

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William Lake and Emma Court

Conversion of William Lake (1802-1877) and Emma Court (1811 — 1894)

William Lake was born at North Molton, Devonshire, England on July 15, 1802, of parents, John Lake and Sarah Richards. Emma Court was born at Bishops Nympton, Devonshire, England, on February 14, 1811. They had been married about 15 years, when they first heard the Gospel, and had eight children at this time. Continue reading “William Lake and Emma Court”

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of Plymouth, Massachusetts

The Legend, which has come down in the family of Lazarus LeBaron (4) of Sutton, Massachusetts, agrees with the story as told by Mr. Goodwin in nearly every particular and probably was the source of his version. This Lazarus was twenty-nine years old when his grandfather, Dr Lazarus LeBaron (2) died and forty when his father Lazarus (3) the second of the name died. He was the only child of the eldest child of Dr. Lazarus and spent many of his early years in Plymouth. Dr Lazarus (3) was sixteen when his grandmother, Mary Wilder LeBaron, died and he lived on the same street with her. These facts have furnished the strongest arguments for that form of the tradition, which came down through the line of Lazarus. Continue reading “DR. FRANCIS LEBARON”

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John London and Hannah Smith

Stories of John London (1840- 1922)
Hannah Elizabeth Smith (1838-1901)

John London was born in Alcester, Warwickshire, England, on November 7, 1840, the fourth son and child of a family of six. His father was George London and his mother, Sarah Garfield.

John was the only member of his family to immigrate to this country as a convert to the Mormon Faith, being only 22 years old. His occupation in England had been that of a baker. His parents were dead and he lost track of three brothers, Thomas, William, and George Henry. He wrote to his two sisters, Sarah Barker and Rebecca Chambers until their death. He had belonged to the C1urch of England. He was baptized March 27, 1859 by Henry Stokes and confirmed 31 March 1859 by Samuel Francis. Continue reading “John London and Hannah Smith”

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Dora Pratt

A Sketch of the Life of
Anna Johanna Doratha Wilcken Pratt
Born July 25, 1854 in Echorst, Germany
Died June 22, 1929 in Colonia Dublan, Chihuahua, Mexico
Written by her daughter
Leah Pratt Call

Anna Johanna Doratha Wilcken Pratt, or Dora W. Pratt, as she was know was the eldest child of her parents, Charles Henry Wilcken and Caroline Eliza Reiche Wilcken. She was born July 25, 1854 in Echorst, Germany. Her father was a millwright and operated a gristmill, owned by his father-in-law. They were a thrifty couple and owned a comfortable home and a small savings account. When Dora was about five years of age, her father, being a tall, well-built, handsome young man, was chosen to be body guard to the king, but before he was officially notified of this, one of his friends, who happened to know the situation, told him. He knew this meant to life long servitude if he remained there, so he left Germany before the call came to him and was miraculously led to Utah, where he met Brigham Young and went to work for him in the old Chase Mill in Liberty Park. He heard the Gospel and accepted it. Continue reading “Dora Pratt”