MARGARET MANN FOUTZ Margaret Mann (Munn) was born in Thomastown, Franklin, Pennsylvania on 11 December 1801.  Her parents, David Mann and Mary Rock, had twelve children.  Her father died when she was four years old, leaving her mother with six boys and five girls; one child died in infancy.  Seven years later the mother died, […]

Henson Walker

Printed from the LDS Collectors Library: Early LDS Membership Data Page 31 In 1841 Henson began the ecclesiastical duties of a life of devotion to the work of God. In the year that followed, he with his father-in-law, traveled from New York (how about just from Michigan) to Michigan (how about to New York) and […]

Joseph Daniel Davis

JOSEPH DANIEL DAVIS By Zola Walker Gogarty Joseph Daniel Davis was born 24 December 1822 in Bewdley, Worcester, England, the son of Thomas Davis and Elizabeth Green. Joseph Davis was the youngest child of a family of six.  The other brothers and sisters were: Henry born 4 September 1814, Jane born 12 November 1815, Eliza […]

Hyrum Isaac Wright

HYRUM ISAAC WRIGHT by daughter Emily Tyler (using  Don Wrights writings) It was spring in Bolingbrook, Lincolnshire, England, when on 26th of March 1856 a stalwart English mother, Charlotte Smith Wright, nestled her newborn son by her side.  John Wright beamed with pride a he looked at his new son. This was not the first […]