Edward Doty

Edward Doty From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Edward Doty (c. 1598 – August 23, 1655) was a Mayflower passenger, a signer of the Mayflower Compact, and a permanent settler at the Plymouth colony. His surname sometimes appears as Doten or Dotey. Doty’s ancestry is unknown. Statements that he was born in Shropshire, England, on May […]

Elizabeth Donnelly

Elizabeth Donnelly (or Donley) married Ralph Maxwell in 1823. They were both born in Ireland, but they married in England and most of their children were born in Scotland. They had six. A son died either before or slightly after his first birthday. They moved around some: from a farm six miles outside of Lanark, […]

Phylotte Green

*Moved from East Greenwich to Saint John when she was young because her father, Rufus Green, was a Tory. *Married George Pack about 1790, in Saint John. *Children all born at Saint John (oldest to youngest) Margaret, George, Sarah, Nancy, Phoebe, Rufus, Mary, Harriet, John, Caleb, Eleanor, and James Benjamin. *After the birth of their […]

John Pack

John Pack Born May 20, 1809 in Saint John, New Brunswick Born in Canada. Moved to United States later on. Ninth of twelve children. October 10, 1832, married Julia Ives at Watertown, New York. Purchased the homestead from his father in Hounsfield and assumed responsibility of caring for his parents. Baptized with his wife by […]

George Pack

George Pack An orphan At about five years, was “bound out” to Stephen Kent. At the close of the Revolutionary War, Stephen Kent (a Tory) moved to the Loyalist colony at Saint John, New Burnswick, taking George, then 13, with him. Married Phylotte Green about 1790, in Saint John. Children all born at Saint John […]