What’s With the Boot?

We are Walkers. Boots are for walking. The boot on this website is a family symbol that I obtained from a family t-shirt.

So what’s the website all about?

This website was built and is maintained by Heather Walker Hoyt for the use of her immediate and extended family. It contains general and more specific information of their ancestors. While I will try to make information accurate and up to date, I am sure that I have made mistakes.

The stories come from a variety of sources. Most of the time, the stories and histories are from personal family history books or from other files. That said, many times I don’t know the author or the source for the material. Some times the information in the story is not completely accurate or confusing. I apologize, but I would rather put up the stories as I receive them.

Please email me with questions, comments and suggestions.

If you have information you would like to have on this site, please email me so I can get it up for the benefit of our family.

Thank you for visiting.