George Pack

George Pack

  • An orphan
  • At about five years, was “bound out” to Stephen Kent.
  • At the close of the Revolutionary War, Stephen Kent (a Tory) moved to the Loyalist colony at Saint John, New Burnswick, taking George, then 13, with him.
  • Married Phylotte Green about 1790, in Saint John.
  • Children all born at Saint John (oldest to youngest) Margaret, George, Sarah, Nancy, Phoebe, Rufus, Mary, Harriet, John, Caleb, Eleanor, and James Benjamin.
  • After the birth of their last child (1817), moved to the United States, first at Rutland, New York, then at Hounsfield (Jefferson Country, New York), where the family settled on a farm.
  • Joined the church in his life and went to Kirtland, Ohio.
  • Present at the dedication of the temple at Kirtland on March 27, 1836.
  • Died in September 1838 at 68 years of age, unable to endure the persecutions.
  • Buried in Far West.

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