Bill Maxwell

William (Bill) Maxwell

  • Born to Weltha Ann Casper and Arthur Maxwell Jr. on December 9, 1895 in Peoa, Utah
  • Seventh of nine children—three of his siblings died in infancy and his oldest brother died at age 17
  • He lived in Peoa all is life
  • Went to high school by a horse drawn sled
  • Played center in basketball
  • Met his wife, Lucille Cutler in Peoa when she was visiting and they were married in the Salt Lake Temple on May 16, 1924 by Joseph Fielding Smith
  • They had three sons, Keith, Claude, and Blaire, and one daughter, Diane. Diane passed away when she was four years old.
  • Was in the army—he got pneumonia and was in a room with six other soliders and he woke up one morning and found that the mortician had taken away four of the others.
  • Had a stroke when he was 70 years old—considered that the worst thing that happened to him
  • Loved his family
  • He was a quiet man. Didn’t share a lot of things, like what his favorite food was.
  • Liked to go deer hunting, picnics with family (he always had ham to make ham sandwiches with and ginger snap cookies to give to his company).
  • His dad was bishop for many years.
  • He said the most significant event in his life was WWI.
  • He didn’t like snakes of any kind.
  • He liked Mounds candy bars, would put one with his picnic bag.
  • Had a Model T Ford.
  • Worked hard on his farm raising hay, milking cows, and planting a garden
  • Drove a school bus for South Summit School District for about 20 years and worked in the bus garage as a mechanic
  • Did more work outside than inside, like picking cherries and apples and taking care of the garden and picking wild currants.
  • Went to Yellowstone with his family with Keith, Lillian and Blair. Lillian and Blair were afraid of bears and so Bill said, suddenly, “I’m getting out of here!” and started running through the car, making Lillian and Blair run to the car too, thinking there was a bear. Bill and Keith just laughed at them.
  • Went to Mazatlan, Mexico, where he went deep sea fishing and caught two big Marlins.
  • Enjoyed traveling, particularly with his family.
  • He lived the Golden Rule
  • He said: “No matter how much you saved, if you didn’t need it, you paid too much,” and: “It’s not the money you make that counts, it’s what you do with it that counts.” When it rained he would say: “A little rain won’t hurt anybody. I’ve got my hay up.”
  • He was easy to along with, easy to cook for, and easy to travel with.
  • He was a very honest man.
  • He liked meeting new people
  • Loved his grandchildren.
  • Liked to read the newspaper
  • Liked to watch football and basketball on TV
  • Liked the trait of “following through.” Why? Because it got results and saved on breath.
  • New technology: automobile, airplane, etc.
  • Like tacos, meat, taters and gravy and butterscotch pudding.
  • He went to the California coast with Keith and Lillian, to Texas with some neighbors. San Fillippe, Baja with Kieth and Lilliam. San Franssico to see people.

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