Harmon Cutler List

  • Born in Dover, New York on July 16, 1799
  • Apprenticed to learn wagon making
  • Married Susannah Barton on November 13, 1825
  • August 6, 1840 he took his family and things in wagons of his own making and went to Illinois. After 50 days, he ended in Nauvoo.
  • Two months after arriving in Nauvoo, his wife died.
  • In the summer of 1842 he married Lucy Ann Pettigrew, by whom he had five children.
  • May 25, 1846 he refitted his wagons and loaded what he had, crossed the Mississippi River and went to Council Bluffs where he purchased a farm and lived comfortably.
  • In June 1852 he goes across the Great Plains to the Rocky Mountains. 250 miles into their journey Indians attacked them and took five of Mr. Cutler’s horses. The rest of the journey he used in oxen and he arrived in Salt Lake near the end of September.
  • Settled in Salt Lake Country near Midvale.
  • Lucy Ann asked for a divorce and division of property, which was granted.
  • He married Elizabeth Shields who died one year after their marriage.
  • His fourth wife was Agnes McGregor by whom he had five children.
  • He died January 29, 1869.

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