Thoughts on Marlene Call and Jim Walker

I don’t quite remember why I joined DUP (Daughters of the Utah Pioneers). It just made sense–I was a daughter of a great many pioneers, and my grandma had joined a while ago, so I decided to go too. I did only go to DUP for one year, and then the next year was too busy with school to continue. But that one year was useful for one reason: I got to know my grandma better.

Grandma Walker is a small women, especially compared with her group of overly tall grandchildren. She is a sweet woman. Her mind is simple, and works simply, but she is endearing and wonderful to be around her. She worries, but she also delights in simple things. Whenever a child or grandchild does a small act for her, she remembers it for a long time. William, my brother, brought their air conditioner upstairs for them once. It was just a small, little thing, but it meant the world to them.

I have to say, my grandma likes me. It is simply because I have shared with her the things I do in life. I have worked on family history. I have shown her a story I wrote about one of her ancestors, I went to DUP–that sort of thing. I spent time with her, gave her a bit of attention. And really, it helped me out a lot.

It helped my heart grow in love towards my grandparents. They are lonely sometimes, and they love it when they are visited. They need it. Grandpa, as he gets older, is dependent in a way on Grandma and does not like her to leave. But Grandma needs conversation with others, and loves it whenever we come over.

Both of them love to serve, most of all, and they want to be needed. I have gone hiking up the mountain where they live, and it gives them great joy when they can pick me up wherever I have ended up and take me back to my car.

Grandma and her computer do not get along. Every time I go over there, I usually do something on their computer to make it easier for them. Grandma is the one who spends the most time on it. She likes doing family history, and keeping track of her family, but sometimes the computer is just too complicated for her, and she doesn’t remember how to work it quite right. She has called me numerous times, and I never know what she has gotten herself into. Usually we end our conversation by coming to the conclusion that she just needs to start over. Grandma keeps trying, and keeps working on it.

A few years ago, Grandma was told that she couldn’t have gluten anymore, so her cooking habits had to take a new direction. Grandma is very good at cooking a few dishes. For years, she brought frog eye salad to all events. Now, it’s a really yummy pretzal-strawberry-jello dish. For lunch, they always have quesadillas, with corn tortillas, cheddar cheese melted on top, some sort of meat, and then lettuce, radishes, whatever vegetables they have, and sometimes cranberry on top. I personally enjoy her lunches. Not everyone does.

I think that will be all for now.

–October 5, 2008

Heather Walker (granddaughter)

Lehi, Utah

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