James H. Walker


On October 12, 1878, there came into this world, a baby boy, the son Appollos Benjamin Walker and Sarah Jane Holman.

The family lived in part of the big house owned by the grandfather, Henson Walker.  The maternal grandmother had been visiting at the home for some time but his morning had started for her home in Fountain Green, Sanpete County, Utah.  They had been putting up their winter’s supply of fruits while they visited.

That evening the mother became ill and as the time for the coming of the little stranger was yet a month away, they did not become alarmed.  There were no doctors in those days in this town.  As the night wore on, the mother grew worse and they realized that they must have help from somewhere.  The young father called Aunt Margaret, the family nurse who lived in the same house to come in while he went for the woman who had been engaged to take care of the case.  But being so much ahead of her time, she was away from home, so he went after Mrs. Farnsworth who lived where Ethel Brimley’s home now stands.  But not finding her, he hurried back to the old Mumfor home where Mrs. Phelps lived.  She prepared herself as soon as possible and went to the home only to find she was too late for the little fellow would not wait for her.  Aunt Margaret, that good kind soul, had rendered all the service necessary and had cared for both mother and child.  Sister Phelps told him once when he was quite a boy that she helped him into the world but he replied that he helped himself into the world.  He was 2nd in the family of seven children, having one brother eighteen months older than he.

(from the files of Mary Jean Caldwell)

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  1. This is a wonderful site Mary Jean, thank you for all the work you have done.

    I am a great granddaughter of James Henson Walker. His daughter Rowena Walker is my grandmother. She married Louis Florian Welcker. My father is the third child of that marriage, Max B. Welcker.

    How are we related?

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