Joseph Daniel Davis

By Zola Walker Gogarty

Joseph Daniel Davis was born 24 December 1822 in Bewdley, Worcester, England, the son of Thomas Davis and Elizabeth Green. Joseph Davis was the youngest child of a family of six.  The other brothers and sisters were: Henry born 4 September 1814, Jane born 12 November 1815, Eliza born 1 April 1816, John born 30 January 1819 and Susanna born 5 March 1821.

He lived for a short time before leaving England at Shropshire Bridge North.  He arrived here 6 October 1853, having sailed on the ship “Ellen Maria”.

Joseph spent most of his life in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

President Brigham Young sealed both Harriet Showell and Ellen Kendall to him in the Endowment House on 31 August 1857 at 10:35 a.m.  Henson Walker and D. O. Calder witnessed the sealings.

It seems likely that Ellen had been married previously and Kendall was her maiden name.

Joseph was engaged in farming all of his life.

The 1860 United States Census lists:

Call #F, Utah 1B State of Utah, County of Utah,

Page 362 #3132 Joseph Davis, age 37, male, farmer, value 200/100, born: England, residence: Battle Creek

Ellen Davis, age 38, female, birthplace: England

Mara, age 16, male, birthplace: England

Franklin C., age 13, male, birthplace: England

Page 364, Harriet Davis, age 36, female, farmer, birthplace, United Kingdom, resident: Battle Creek

Joseph F. Davis, age 2, male Birthplace: Utah

John E. Davis, age 10/12 male, Birthplace: Utah

An obituary from the Deseret News on 12 October 1865:

Died in Pleasant Grove, Utah 7 September 1865, Joseph Daniel Davis from Worchestershire, England, age 41 years, 8 months and 4 days.  He was the first man buried in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Pleasant Grove Utah.

He was in the Bishopric in Pleasant Grove and a member of the 1st Quorum of the Seventies.


Further research has shown the Thomas Davis family had more children, but I would question a lot of them unless it is a combined family of the father’s children and mother’s children.  The mother was christened in 1780 in Rock and the father in1778, same place.  Joseph’s mother would have been 42 when he was born.  She was 34 when Henry was born.  I even question these children’s dates of the younger ones as the dates just don’t add up.

If he sailed and arrived in Utah in 1853 he was 30 years old at that time.  Because he died in 1865, he lived here a very short time—12 years. 

His other wife, Ellen, was married before and her children were born in England.  Her full name was Ellen Edmondson Kendall Banks.  John Banks being her previous husband and the father of her children.  She was older than Joseph Davis.

This is just a starting point for research.  So much to correct and prove here and part of it I would blame on the automatic match and merge.

(from the files of Mary Jean Caldwell)


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