Harriet Showell was christened in at Bisley, Gloucestershire, England on 19 September 1824. Her father was listed as Daniel Showell; he was a weaver and her mother as Betty.

Baptisms in the Sheepscombe Branch, Cheltenham Conference, British Mission lists Harriet Showell, age 26, residing in Shepscombe being baptized on 24 June 1850 by William Davis. Also a brother, Frederick, age 18, baptized on 24 Nov 1850 by Charles Richins. Her sister Ellen, age 11, was baptized on 11 December 1850 by Charles Richins; Edwin Showell, age 21, was baptized on 31 March 1850; Elizabeth Showell, age 16, on 7 July 1850 by Charles Richins. Their parents are listed as Daniel Showell and Elizabeth.

She sailed on the ship “Thornton” on 4 May 1856
She was a member of the James G. Willie Handcart Company, which arrived in Great Salt Lake City on 9 November 1856
In the 1860 census of Utah, in Utah County, in the town of Battle Creek (Pleasant Grove) there are four Davis families listed:

1. Edward Davis (66) born in England, Wife Sarah (58) born in England, Wilford Woodruff (22) born in Lind (or Tind—couldn’t make it out for sure), and May (something, a female age 20) born in Illinois.

2. Joseph Davis (37) born in England, wife Ellen (38)

(from the files of Mary Jean Caldwell)

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  1. Hi, I have a distant relative, found through DNA match, and we share some of this history, if not directly then by close relatives.
    My direct ancestor was Jane Booker b1830 who married Edwin Shoell b1829 in Gloucestershireand emigrated to US. They are buried in Pleasnt Grove.Their son Edwin Giles Shoell b1872 married Melvina Cobbley b1878. They are buried in Lindon, Utah.
    I was hoping to send a picture illustrating these and other connections from this pioneering family. If I get an email I will send this by return. I have shared this with my living relative in Utah, from this line. You may hear from her.

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