Hyrum Isaac Wright

HYRUM ISAAC WRIGHT by daughter Emily Tyler (using  Don Wrights writings) It was spring in Bolingbrook, Lincolnshire, England, when on 26th of March 1856 a stalwart English mother, Charlotte Smith Wright, nestled her newborn son by her side.  John Wright beamed with pride a he looked at his new son. This was not the first […]

Henson Walker, Sr.

HENSON WALKER, SR. Henson Walker Sr. was born Nov 7, 1787 in Prince Georges Parish, Maryland.  He was the son of Richard Walker, Jr. and Mary Gilpin.  Henson was the fourth child in a family of five children.  The names of the children were Benjamin, Sally, Jane, Henson, and Mary.  Richard and Mary Gilpin obtained […]


HARRIET SHOWELL DAVIS Harriet Showell was christened in at Bisley, Gloucestershire, England on 19 September 1824. Her father was listed as Daniel Showell; he was a weaver and her mother as Betty. Baptisms in the Sheepscombe Branch, Cheltenham Conference, British Mission lists Harriet Showell, age 26, residing in Shepscombe being baptized on 24 June 1850 […]