Harmon Cutler

Harmon Cutler was born in Dover, New York, July 16, 1799. When young, he was apprenticed to learn the wagon-makers trade. He married Nov. 13, 1825, Susannah Barton of Coberskill, N.Y. Soon after this he took up residence at Amboy, Oswego Co. where he purchased a farm which he carried on in connection with his trade. Here he had seven children born to him. August 6, 1840 he took his entire family and household effects, in wagons of his own make, and started on a long journey, bound for Illinois. This trip occupied 50 days, the end of which found him in Nauvoo. About two months after his arrival, Not 21, 1840, his wife, Susannah died. In the summer of 1842 he married Lucy Ann Pettigrew, by whom he had five children. His occupation here was the same as at Amboy.

May 25, 1846, having refitted his wagons (and in company with others) loaded up his unsold worldly effects, he crossed the Missouri River, journeyed across the state of Iowa, and located in what is now Council Bluffs, arriving there 16th July. Here, as in other place his push and energy procured the comforts if not the luxuries of life and he soon had a large farm under cultivation. In the month of June 1852 we again find him with his family, and in company with others, passing over the Great Plains west of the Missouri, hound for the Rocky Mountains.

When about 250 miles on their journey, and near Ft. Laramie, they were attacked by the Indians, who captured all the horses of the company, taking five from Mr. Cutler. This loss necessitated the use of oxen to haul the wagons the rest of the journey–some 750 miles–arriving in Great Salt Lake Valley, Utah, near the last of September. He settled in Salt Lake County, near Midvale, built a house and ever afterwards lived in comfortable circumstances.

His wife, Lucy Ann, not being content, asked for a divorce and division of property, which was granted, and he married Elizabeth Shields, who died about one year after their marriage. For his fourth wife he married Agnes McGregor, who was born Aug. 13, 1843, by whom he had five children. He died January, 29, 1869.

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