Destroyer Arrrives

Destroyer, Ripped by Japs, Arrives Struck by Suicide Plane; 40 Die on Zellars at Okinawa [Helaman Pratt Call was a radar man on board the Zellars.] (Photos on Picture Page) Victim of an attack by Jap planes…. Struck by an 1100-pound torpedo and a Jap suicide plane…. Forty officers and men killed, two missing and […]

Harmon Cutler

Harmon Cutler was born in Dover, New York, July 16, 1799. When young, he was apprenticed to learn the wagon-makers trade. He married Nov. 13, 1825, Susannah Barton of Coberskill, N.Y. Soon after this he took up residence at Amboy, Oswego Co. where he purchased a farm which he carried on in connection with his […]