Willard Call Photos

Willard Call with Adelaide White and Leah Pratt
Adelaide White, Willard Call, Leah Pratt

Notice the car. Willard was driving one of the first cars in the area and ran into another car. The driver was upset, so Willard got out the manual right then and there and read how to slow and stop the car.

The sweater he has on reminds me of the story Aunt Leah told. Willard worked for the church on the grounds near the burial site of Brigham Young on South Temple Street. It was hot and his dentures bothered him so he put them in his pocket and hunt the sweater over the fence. When he came back both were missing. We went to the local drugstore and purchased new dentures.

Leah Pratt was reported to be extremely attractive and was encouraged by Addie to pursue her affection and become Willard’s second wife.

willard2Willard worked for the railroad and became blind, because of cataracts. He couldn’t afford to have them removed. One article says the railroad paid to have them removed, but they did not.

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