Call Homes

Anson Call Home, Bountiful

This was Anson Call’s home where he hid from polygamy raids. It is on the west side of 200 West Street at about 1210 North, Bountiful, Utah. They had a prayer room upstairs and they had two doors, one for each wife.  Leah Pratt Call's Home, Bountiful, Utah

This is Leah Pratt Call’s home in Bountiful, Utah on the west side of Main Street, south of 200 North Street. It was built and paid for by her son, Ivan. callhome1This house is Aunt Samantha’s, the midwife that delivered Marlene Call Walker. 200 W. 400 N., on the northwest corner in Bountiful, Utah.


Author: Heather Hoyt

I'm a stay-at-home mom living in Wyoming and I like to write, take photographs, and play with my kids.

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