Elizabeth McAuslin

Elizabeth McAuslin born 16 Feb. 1852 Barony Parish, Brighton Lanark, Scotland. Her parents, William McAuslin born Abt. 1801 or Aug. 1804, place Glasgow Scotland, and Jane Kennedy born July 1803 at Concaddens, Lanark, Scotland Died about 1865. Elizabeth had four brothers John born abt. 1827 died abt, 1829, James born 8-9 July, 1858, Alexander born Oct. 1842 died 1848 William Jr. born 26 May 1845 Died 11 Mar. 1877. Married Mary Grahm 21 Oct. 1870. All were born in Glasgow Lanark Scotland. Elizabeth Married Arthur Maxwell Sr. aboard The ship “Enoch Train” On the way to Zion. 18 May 1856. They boarded the ship at Liverpool England, bound for America and Zion. They all came storage (steerage) class on the Perpetual Emigration Fund. The captain of the ship Henry P. Rich. They arrived in Boston, Mass. May 1, 1856 , and from that city they traveled Via New York to Iowa City In the Second Handcart company with Daniel McArthur as their captain. The trip was long and hard. Their children were Arthur Maxwell Jr. born 14 Dec. 1857 in West Jordan Utah. Salt Lake County Ut. Married Welthea Ann Casper 5 Jan. 1882. Jane Ann Maxwell born 22 Jan. 1860 Goshen Utah, Utah County married John Alma Marchant 15 Nov. 1879, Elizabeth Maxwell born 50 April 1862 in West Jordan Salt Lake County Ut. Married Hyrum Wright 26 Jan.1882. Abraham Henry Marchant 50 Jan. 1900. Agnes Maxwell born 22 June 1864 at West Jordan Salt Lake County , never Married. Catherine Maxwell born 14 Feb. 1867 Peoa Summit Co. Utah Married John Alma Russell 28 Aug. 1889. Ann Maxwell born 25 July 1869 Peoa Summit Co. Ut. Married Levi Pearson15 May 1895.

Elizabeth Mcauslin husband Arthur Maxwell Sr.. Died 30 Oct.1871 They are buried in the Peoa Cemetary (sic), their Headstone of Scotish (sic) granite shipped there from Scotland.

Source: from Ross Foster (another descendant) and

Elizabeth McAuslin Maxwell and daughter
Elizabeth McAuslin Maxwell and daughter

Death Certificate
Death Certificate


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  1. Catherine Maxwell married John Alma Russell MARCHANT, son of Jane Ann’s husband, John Alma Marchant and his first wife, Hannah Maria Russell.


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