Helen Condie: Summary

*This is one of two versions written by Marlene Call Walker. This is the summary: for a more detailed version go here.

by Marlene Call Walker

Helen was a cute strong Scottish girl who saw and went through many hardships.  She embraced the gospel at age 10. She saw her mother go through many illness.  Her mother lost two brothers and 2 sisters while Helen was young.  She was strong and worked hard carrying grain, cooking meals.  All this before 13 years of age, when she drove team of oxen across the plains to SLC.  She saw the Salt Lake Temple corner stone laid.  As an adult she was a true pioneer in a small undeveloped town, was Relief Society President for 33 years.  Took care of the needs of her neighbors, delivered babies, doctored the sick, prepared the dead for burial, and prepared the church for meetings.  She raised 9 of her 10 children.  The idea of witch hazel for bruises came through my family.
I remember the attic where grandma Rees kept the remaining unsold goods from the store, especially the buttons, & rick rack.  Mother went there for buttons for my dresses that she made for me.  I save buttons, a practice I got from my grandmother.  She was buried on a red dirt hill cemetery in still remote Croydon Utah by her husband and family.
Visiting Croydon today was very interesting.  There are no public buildings.  It is a small farming community.  My Uncle’s home and the stone home are still lived in.  The small cemetery is about the same as I remember as a little child, just a red dirt hill.

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