Enid Hall

Information from a conversation with Laura Jane Blazzard Maxwell, October 28, 2010

My Grandma Jane, was in her early 20s when her mother, Enid, passed away. They said she died of pneumonia, but Enid probably had a brain tumor before her death. When Enid died, Jane did not yet have any kids (Jane would adopt her first a few months later). Enid never got the privilege of being a grandma.

Enid grew up in Oakley and lived in Summit County most of her life. She was a middle child, with one older sister and one younger brother. She went to college at Westminster, for about a year, and was married to Ward Wesley Blazzard (who grew up in Kamas) in 1934 (she was 18 when she was married). Enid had only two children: Kathleen, who was born in 1935 and died a few days later, and Laura Jane, who was born a few years after Kathleen.

Some other thoughts:

  • Enid was easy going: she didn’t have a temper. Jane says that she was always calm and that they never got in fights with each other. Enid would get upset with Jane once in a while, but not very upset.
  • Enid became a member of the church when she was 16; her parents weren’t active. She wasn’t ever encouraged to go to a church, but her parents didn’t dissuade her either. When Enid died, she was the stake beehive keeper. She also liked to do genealogy work with her sister and her daughter. She was actively involved in the church and her husband said, “Through gentle urging and example she got me interested in attending more to church duties and I was always proud of her work and leadership ability in the church.” Enid didn’t like people to smoke and drink around her.
  • Her and her husband, Ward seemed to get along fine. Jane never heard them argue much. Enid got a little impatient with Ward if he didn’t come home from dinner on time, but she understood it. They would go ahead and eat, he’d have to eat alone.
  • Ward had the lumber yard right in the block, and he would take a car over, and walked home. Sometimes, he would have all the vehicles over at the lumber yard and would have to have help getting them home.
  • Enid helped manage the telephone company along with her husband.
  • She liked to ski a little bit, but didn’t do it a lot.
  • She didn’t go to sports a lot. She liked to watch wrestling on television.
  • She had bad eyesight. She wore glasses.
  • She liked to put puzzles together; she also liked to play bridge and belonged to a bridge club.
  • She liked to crochet.
  • Same height as Jane.
  • She liked people. She did some entertaining, but wasn’t the type to throw a lot of parties. Her dinners were mainly just family.
  • She wasn’t a fancy cook, but she was a good everyday cook.
  • She liked to travel.
  • She would never go out without heels and a hat on. She wasn’t every one to walk to town with her curlers in—she always had to look nice.

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