Enid Hall – My Story


March 1957

I was born 6 Dec. 1915 at my grandmother Steven’s home in Oakley, Utah. My grandfather, William Henry Stevens, had died long before I was born, but his widow, Eliza Horton, still lived in her home. My mother was born 21 July 1886 and given the name of Nettie Jane. My father, Clyde Austin Hall, was born 11 July 1883 at Midvale Utah, where he was raised. His father, Allen Hall, had come to Utah from the East and married Elizabeth Dowding. I was the second child and the second girl born to my parents, My older sister, Elizabeth, was born 4 Sept. 1913, and when she was 19 yrs old married Samuel Brinton Wilde. I have a brother, Calvin Clyde Hall, born 14 May 1924.

I had a Patriarchal Blessing given to me at Oakley, Utah by Levi Pearson, on June 19, 1932. I can well remember the thrill I had when Brother Pearson lay his hands on my head to give me a blessing, it was a Sunday afternoon, and his daughter, Harriet, recorded the blessing.

I think I lived a very normal childhood, many happy memories, some sad, and some humorous ones. I attended the Oakley Elementary School, when I was in the ninth grade I attended the South Summit High School for three years, then I went to Salt Lake City, and spent one and a half years at Westminster College.

The summer of 1934 I worked as a butter wrapper in the Brooklyn Creamery. It was a happy summer for me, for it was then that I met the man that became my husband 6 Oct. 1934 at Coalville, Utah. John E. Wright, the county clerk, married me to Ward Wesley Blazzard. Our marriage was soleminized at the Salt Lake Temple 9 Feb. 1943. At that time our two daughters were sealed to us. Kathleen, who had been born 6 June 1935 and died 8 June 1935., and Laura Jane who was born 11 June 1937. Laura Jane was married 2 June 1955 to Claude William Maxwell in the Salt Lake Temple.

I was never christened, but I was baptized by Elif Franson 6 Aug 1927 and confirmed by John H. Seymour 7 Aug. 1927 at Oakley, Utah. I have enjoyed my work in the church. Before I was married I was assistant Sec’y. of the Oakley Sunday School. Since my marriage I have worked in may departments of this church. I taught Bee Hive in the Kamas ward for four years. I was Stake Sunday School Sec’y, with Richard F. Lambert being Stpt.

I was ward Relief Society Sec’y. In 1848

In November of 1952 I was set apart as Stake Bee Keeper in the South Summit Stake. Nan McPolin was the Young Lady President at that time, later, in 1954 she resigned because of ill health Lila Prescott was sustained as President, I was again asked to keep the position of Stake Bee Keeper. It is now 1957 and I am still working in this job. I really enjoy it, Tean Simpson is the other Bee Keeper, and together we had many happy and faith promoting things happen to us.

I have worked at the Kamas Woodland Telephone Co. for about fifteen years, at first I was an operator, but when we converted to dial, I was promoted to Sec’y. This work has been interesting to me, particularly because we own this company, also the Kamas Valley Lumber.

I am some definite hobbies. I enjoy changing a house into a home. I like to pain and plan the interior decorations for our home. I like to work in my yard, planting, digging, mowing and any number of things to make our place attractive. I also enjoy sewing, both hand and machine sewing. I have done quite a lot of fancy work. I am very happy to take a length of material and make it into a piece of wearing apparel. It is indeed a satisfaction to take a package of tiny seeds, plant, water, weed them, and maybe soon have a beautiful display of blossoms. I feel that God has given me a special interest in creating things.

My life has been made richer by my activity the church. August 8, 1957 I was sustained as ward geneological secetary. Ivan Turnbow is president with John Lewis and Clyde Van Tassel as his counselors. One of the prime tasks of my work was to keep a record of the Temple attendance from this ward. I know this had been a stimulus to me to do Temple work for which I like anyone else receive much satisfaction and happiness. The work I do on this committee has given me the desire to do geneology work more often and a desire to have the work for my ancestors seen to.

Jan. 1959

On January the 7th, 1959, I was sustained as Activity Counselor in the South Summit Stake Y.W.M.I.A, with Lila Prescott as President and Mona Leavitt as Age Group Counselor. I felt very humble in accepting this position. President Ralph Richards set me apart, and gave me a lovely blessing. I feel that if I will put my trust in God and do the best I can that I will be blessed and able to do this work. AT this time I was released from Stake Bee Keeper.

August 8, 1958 was a bad nightmare for Ward and myself. I was awakened about 3 A.M. to see the large planer shed in flames. Ward hurried over to fight the fire, I was bale to summon the fire department. The trucks from Kamas, Heber and Coalville came to help put out the fire. IT was heart breaking to see so much of our life work and money go up in flames, but again I feel the Lord blessed us for we were able to rebuild and go on with our lives. Two evenings after work the Elder quorem to which Ward belongs came and helped with the shed.

(From the files of Laura Jane Maxwell.)

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