Obituary of Margaret M. Foutz

Deseret Evening News:  Saturday, August 8, 1896

Died at Pleasant Grove, August 5, 1896, of old age, Margaret Mann Foutz, aged 95 years; born December 11, 1801, in Franklin County, Pa.  Mrs. Foutz parents died early leaving her an orphan, she being left to strangers.  She was married to Jacob Foutz July 22, 1822; in 1827 moved from Pennsylvania to Richland County, Ohio; at that place the family heard the Gospel preached by the late Bishop David Evans.  They were convinced of its truth and joined the then unpopular Church; in the year 1834 moved to Missouri and purchased land on Crooked River, where a small branch of the Church was organized presided over by Elder David Evans.  The family did not enjoy their home long, being among the ill fated number that were located at Haun’s Mill when the mob came upon them and killed some eighteen or nineteen souls.  (They were all buried in a dry well near by.)  Mr. Foutz was wounded in the thigh and only escaped death by feigning it.  His boots were pulled from his feet while he was lying among the dead.  Mrs. Foutz passed through all this, being then the mother of five helpless little children surrounded by a merciless mob, huddled together with some forty families with their dead and wounded.

Under these trying scenes the family were forced to flee the state.  They found a resting place at Quincy, Ill., and afterwards settled at Nauvoo, Brother Foutz being chosen a Bishop of one of the wards.  In the year 1846 they were again driven west, making a temporary stop at Garden Grove, in the state of Iowa.  After raising a crop the family joined the Saints at Winter Quarters, in the spring of 1847 they took up the line of march, crossing the plains in Captain A. O. Smoot’s company.  Soon after their arrival Mrs. Foutz was a widow, her husband having died.  She was obliged to begin the battle of like with her large and almost helpless family, her eldest son Joseph L. being only 10 years old.

In the spring of 1850 the family located in Battle Creek (now Pleasant Grove), where Sister Foutz has lived ever since.  She was never heard to mourn or complain; was ever staunch and true to the principles of the Gospel.  She has been a remarkable woman, retaining her faculties until the end came.

She was the mother of twelve children; had seventy grandchildren, on hundred and twenty-six great grandchildren and nine great great grandchildren.  She has endured much for the Gospel and has gone down to her grave honored and respected.  She was an aunt of President John W. Hess of Davis Stake.

The funeral was held from the ward house on Friday, August 7th, at 2 o’clock p.m.

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