Mary Green Walker–Life Sketch

By her daughter in-law Cyinthia Parks Walker

Mary Green was born February 19, 1838 in Calvery, Shropshire, England and died at Pleasant Grove, Utah on June 4th 1906.

She crossed the plains in the year 1851, walking most of the way barefooted, she would hold to the wagon to try and rest her sore feet.

She was married to Henson Walker in the Endowment House in the year 1856.  She was the mother of seven children, two that are still alive; also her posterity includes fifty-four grandchildren, fifty-nine great grandchildren and one great-great grandchild.

She like most of the pioneers passed through a great many hardships, she often told of helping kill the grasshoppers and the crickets.  She did spinning for herself and other people, also, she was a chorister and a teacher in the Relief Society for a number of years, she a counselor to Harriet West in the Primary Association for several years, she was president of the Primary for eleven years, from 1890 to 1901.  She was also a teacher in the Sunday School for a number of years.

She spent the last few years of her life working in the Manti Temple, living with President and Sister Lois Anderson, a very close relative.

(From the files of Mary Jean Caldwell.)

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