Mary Lucille Wright Walker


Mary Lucille Wright Walker
Born July 26, 1906
Died December 15, 2001

  • Born in Lindon Utah
  • Called Lucille
  • Born in parents’ home
  • Second child or Hyrum Isaac and Mary Jane Bezzant Wright
  • Thirteenth of family combined (Both parents had families before they married each other)
  • Father was a farmer
  • Went to school by riding on the shoulders of two older brothers and then walking for a mile
  • Just before high school, father sold farm and moved to a fruit farm Pleasant Grove right next to the school. Met Calvin Walker
  • Fruit farm included two acres of raspberries, apple, apricot, and peach trees, as well as flowers and vegetables near the house
  • Learned how to play piano and accompanied many groups and people
  • After high school, went to Brigham Young Academy to teach elementary
  • Found teaching position in Lehi after college
  • Corresponded with Calvin and he made sure she always had a date for the big events
  • Married Calvin at age 23 (already considered an old maid)
  • Moved to Duchesne
  • When pregnant with first child, lost liking for fish
  • Moved to Lehi and then Pleasant Grove
  • After her father passed away in 1937, bought her parents home
  • Organized fruit picking and canning
  • Enjoyed good clean jokes, but put a stop when they went too far
  • Believed in bribery to get children to do things
  • Picnicked a lot as a family
  • Taught her girls to sew, clean a house, can, and cook
  • Boys learned how to cook and clean
  • Active in church
  • Served in Primary, Sunday School, Relief Society, YWMIA, cub scout den leader
  • Traveled with her husband to church historical sights, to visit her children, and to Israel
  • Worked in Provo temple
  • Had Volkswagen Bus
  • Crocheted while Calvin fished

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