Margaretta Unwin Clark Call

Margaretta Unwin Clark Call
Born May 28, 1828
Died December 27, 1908

  • Born in England and first heard the gospel in 1847 at the age of 19
  • Had an open mind, unburdened soul, carefree and accepted the gospel easily
  • Tried to make her family understand the gospel
  • Her mother and her sisters joined the church and remained true
  • Was baptized in September of 1848 in Nottingham
  • Wanted to gather with the body of the church and the desire grew within her, but felt connected to her loving family
  • Eight years struggled with the idea of going to America alone, in which she saved money for ship passage and railroad fare. Worked as nurse.
  • Built up her hope chest and wardrobe to take to America, but had to leave it behind to lighten the load
  • Sailed from England on May 22. Twenty-eight years old. Lashed herself to the rigging of the ship to avoid being seasick.
  • Went to Iowa were she joined the Martine Handcart Company.
  • Said she forded the North Platte many times to help those too weak to pull their carts across
  • Anson Call was in the rescue party and Margaretta became a passenger in his wagon. She ate a piece of frozen squash intended for the horses and when Anson saw her, he knew she was freezing to death. Anson and another man ran with her in the snow.
  • Became Anson’s third wife and had six of his children, four girls and two boys.
  • Margaretta was an attractive, handsome woman.
  • First proposed to by an Elder Taylor, whom she worked for by making to shirts a day for her room and board. Said she wouldn’t consider marriage until she had been in Zion at least one year. Then Anson proposed and they were married on February 7th, 1857, at the age of twenty-nine.
  • Margaretta, a factory girl and nurse, was turned into a farmer’s wife. This was a difficult task. Had to learn to cook, sew, spin, and hundreds of other new and strange things.
  • Five feet tall, brown hair, hazel eyes.
  • Never left Utah during her fifty-three years of residence.
  • She had a long, helpful and useful life full of faith, hope charity. Served in Primary and Relief Society callings.
  • Died on Dec. 12, 1908

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