Helaman Pratt Call

Helaman Pratt Call
Born November 29, 1909
Died February 2003

  • Born in Colnia, Dublan, Mexico
  • Named after Helaman Pratt, his maternal Grandfather–born the day his grandfather was buried
  • His family lived in Mexico for twelve years, and when he was two and half years old, his family left Mexico due to a Mexican revolution. They went to Utah
  • Had 23 brothers and sisters–his dad had two wives: Adalaide and Leah
  • They lived in Bountiful in the summer with Leah to farm and Salt Lake with Aunt Addie in the winter to work
  • Baptized in a bath tub because influenza epidemic caused public meetings were held. Confirmed on the toilet.
  • Attended Stoker Elementary, South Davis Junior High, and Davis High where he played football (didn’t graduate until because he was going to come back and play football another year but instead worked)
  • Met his future wife in 1930 at a Halloween party–on their first date, told her that he was going to marry her
  • Married on February 10, 1932 in the Salt Lake Temple
  • He worked at the Piggly-Wiggly grocery store during the depression and when their first child, Marlene was born, he couldn’t get off work so Marlene was born at his mother’s house in Bountiful
  • When she was born, he got a bloody nose that started hemorrhaging so the doctor worked on him instead of his wife
  • Had six children: Marlene, Neil, Linda, Alan, Sylvia, and Blaine
  • Served in the Navy in World War II (during the time he had a wife and four children). Assigned to the USS Zellers from Sept 1944 to May 1945. Sent to Okinawa and hit by Japanese Kamikaze plane. He had to help amputate twenty-three men’s arms or legs by holding the men. Linda was run over by a car during this time and he managed to get leave to come home. His father, Willard Call, also passed way.
  • Did Radar and was an assistant Chaplain in the Navy
  • In December, 1946, was in a terrible car accident with his wife and was severely injured. His wife almost lost her life.
  • Made a bishop in 1950 and served willingly
  • Had dizzy spells and kept passing out–the doctors thought it was a brain tumor or pressure of some kind against his brain, perhaps due to war injuries. The power of the priesthood made it so surgery was not necessary. Had to change occupations from insurance to the furniture business because he wasn’t supposed to drive
  • Held regular family home evening with his family
  • Worked in the Sunday School as a teacher and in the superintendecny and also worked with the Aaronic Priesthood, high council, and was given the special privilege of being a Patriarch. Also became a temple worker.
  • His wife passed away on May 19, 1975
  • Married Mary Kirkham on June 14, 1977, who died on February 20, 1989.
  • Lived in California at the end of his life with his son, Neil.
  • Died in 2003.

(From sources found on this site)

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