Calvin Walker


Calvin A. Walker
Born August 29, 1906
Died April 18, 1980

  • Born in Pleasant Grove in parent’s home
  • Seventh child out of 14
  • Raised on a farm
  • Went to Pleasant Grove elementary and high school
  • Knew Lucille in his childhood
  • Quit school at age 16 for a year, but went back
  • Went to USAC and majored first in civil engineering and then education for junior high
  • B.S. degree in 1929
  • Worked in Yellowstone in 1928: boss trusted him to pick up drunken workers in the evening
  • Was kicked by a mule—damaged his spleen and kidney
  • Married Lucille August 29, 1929 in Salt Lake Temple
  • Taught in Duchesne: everything from P. E. to shop to math and science
  • Loved to hike
  • Taught high school in Lehi for three years
  • 1932 got elementary certificate and taught in Spencer School in Orem
  • Loved the mountains
  • Knew how to name wild plants and knew which ones were edible or not
  • Active and taught children how to play ski, tennis, and basketball
  • Taught in Central School in Pleasant Grove—fifth and sixth grade
  • Became principal in 1954—retired May 1972
  • Took the sixth grade children up Grove Creek in the morning, crossing the falls and into the meadow for lunch, and down Battle Creek in the afternoon
  • Received his master’s degree in 1949 from BYU.
  • 1918: Registered for Boy Scout, involved in scouting all his life. Eagle Scout
  • Sliver Beaver in 1942
  • Called Gus in scouting
  • Bishop of the Pleasant Grove Third Ward, the same ward where he grew up
  • Told Legend of Timpanogos
  • Traveled to Statue of Liberty, Boston, Nauvoo, Haun’s Mill, Adam-ondi-ahman, Carthage, Liberty Jail, and Hill Cumorah Pageant, and Israel
  • Temple worker in Provo Temple
  • Liked art and pottery

(From information elsewhere on this site and conversation. Pictures from the Henson Walker book.)

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  1. Heather;
    it is Spencer School in Orem not Spence. I tried to change it but couldn’t. Love what you are doing here!

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