Calvin Walker

Calvin A. Walker Born August 29, 1906 Died April 18, 1980 Born in Pleasant Grove in parent’s home Seventh child out of 14 Raised on a farm Went to Pleasant Grove elementary and high school Knew Lucille in his childhood Quit school at age 16 for a year, but went back Went to USAC and […]

Henson Walker

Henson Walker, Jr. Born March 13, 1820 in Manchester, Ontario, New York Died January 24, 1904 in Pleasant Grove Utah Pleasant Grove’s first mayor Grew up on a farm in New York He studied his Bible carefully and went with the Minister around his circuit Enjoyed hunting and fishing Had black hair and eyes, was […]

Helaman Pratt Call

Helaman Pratt Call Born November 29, 1909 Died February 2003 Born in Colnia, Dublan, Mexico Named after Helaman Pratt, his maternal Grandfather–born the day his grandfather was buried His family lived in Mexico for twelve years, and when he was two and half years old, his family left Mexico due to a Mexican revolution. They […]

Willard Call

Had two wives: Adelaide and Leah. Married Adelaide on April 1, 1886 Born on a big farm. Twentieth in Anson Call’s family. Six years old: milked cows and chopped wood Fourteen, drove hundred head of hogs into wheat fields. Became a member of the second primary association organized in the church Was a deacon, teacher, […]