Hyrum Wright and Mary Jane Bezzant

Hyrum was the first of our ancestors to be burn in the Church, 1856. Accompanying his parents to Utah he walked the entire distance from Omaha west. As a boy, he lived near his grandparents in a small cabin located just south of the present Pleasant Grove park. He was baptized in 1867, and ordained a High Priest in 1905. His first wife, Annie Harper bore him 10 children, while he and grandmother had 6. He raised his family in Lindon, where he farmed and did masonry for a living. In 1919 he moved his family to a small fruit farm in PG where he raised prize flowers and fruit. He was custodian of the Third Ward chapel and served as a temple missionary with his second wife, May Jane. He died at 81 on Jan. 1, 1937. Mary was the first of our ancestors to be born in America, June 1876. She and Hyrum were active in the Church, and is remembered by everyone as a happy and energetic person. The later years of her life were spent visiting the homes of her children, one then another. These were special events in the lives of every one of her grandchildren, to whom she was a wonderful special person. Our deep love for, and remembrance of her, brings us together on this day.

(From a red binder from my grandmother)

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