Helaman Pratt Journal



Blessing pronounced upon the head of Elder Helaman Pratt, on the occasion of his being set apart for a mission to Mexico, under the hands of Elders’ Moses Thatcher and William W. Taylor, (Bro. Thatcher being mouth) in the Council House, Salt Lake City April 1883.

Brother Helaman Pratt, In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ– and by authority of the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood, We lay our hands upon your head and set you apart to go to Mexico to preach to the remnants of Jacob and the house of Israel. Thou hast been called by revelation and thy calling has been sanctioned by the vote of the people in General Conference. This is a great mission where unto thou art called and we say unto thee go forth and if thou art prayerful, humble, and faithful before the Lord thy way shall be opened up before thee, your works shall be made manifest, and you shall know how to speak. Language shall be given unto thee, thy tongue shall be unloosened, thy heart shall be influenced by the power of the Holy Ghost, and thou shall speak forth mightily to the Lamanites in that land, even in the spanish language. If thou desires thou shalt also be able to comprehend the Mahuatal tongue, even the language of the Aztecs. The power of our God shall rest down abundantly upon thee, and at times of trial and temptation thou shall se beyond overhanging clouds and realize that that land and that people have been dedicated unto the Lord, and that it is their destiny to become the battle axes in the hands of God; that they are yet to become a white and a delightsome people who will purify their hearts and bodies and thus fulfil the predictions concerning that country made by the prophets anciently, and those which have been made by the modern prophets in reference to their salvation, for the shall yet come up and be a might people whom the Lord God shall delight to bless through the instrumentality of his servants.

Thou goest commissioned by the Lord Jesus Christ to preach the gospel of repentance and to baptize in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost and to lay your hands upon the people that they may receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ when you lay hands upon those who are sick and they shall be healed. Our Lord shall be with thee when thou are in the valleys or in the hills, and the hand of the assassin shall not reach thee, the power of the mother church even the mother of Harlots shall not prevail against thee. Thou shalt go in peace and return in safety, go thou in the midst of that people. They have been bound up by the thralldom of superstition and by the power of the Roman Catholic Church for many years, but they are waiting and praying for the word of the Lord. We seal thee up to this mission and say thou shalt do a might work in connection with your brethren who are there now and who here after shall be called, be faithful and true, take no thought as to your family for they shall want for not good thing, you shall never want for food nor raiment nor for a place to rest, for the Lord shall be thy friend. A great and a mighty work shall be done in that country, even the Gospel of Jesus Christ shall extend from there along down the backbone of the country through Mexico to South America, until the word of the Lord shalt not only sound in the ears but in the hearts of the people and they shall be brought to a knowledge of their forefathers, through the Book of Mormon, which shall hereafter be published in their language and thus fulfil the predictions that have been made concerning them. We seal these blessings upon thy head and say that thou shalt travel safely by land and sea and when thou hast finished thy work thou shalt return home rejoicing that thou hast been an instrument in the hands of God in bringing many souls to a knowledge of the truth, we seal all these blessings upon thee with the blessings of Eternal life with power to come forth in the morning of the first resurrection. Through Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.

OCT 23, 1883 – Left Salt Lake City in company with Thomas J. Morgan, J. Groesbeck and wives, Brother Frank R. Snow, J. Richhardson, at 10:20 a.m.

OCT 24 – Had breakfast at Camarron Station at the mouth of Black Canyon. Arrived at Pueblo at 4:15 p.m. Stopped at the Fargo Hotel where we had bed and meal for $1.50.

OCT 25 – Left Pueblo at 2:10 a.m. traveled down the Kansas River. Passed Liberty Landing Station near where Liberty Jail was situated where my father was held as prisoner, about five miles from Independence, Jackson County, Missouri.

OCT 26 – Arrived in Kansas City at 5:30 a.m. and started for St. Louis at 7:00 a.m. Brother J. Groesbeck and I went to Richmond and visited David Whitmer who showed us the manuscript of the Book of Mormon and the copy of the characters that was taken by Martin Harris to show to Professor Anthony.

David Whitmer was born on Jan. 7, 1805. He is quite feeble but has a clear bright eye and conversed with great freedom on the Book of Mormon and bore the same testimony to its being true that he did years ago, and which is published in the book. He showed us the manuscript of the book and a paper which contains the characters which he said were copied by Joseph Smith’s own hand, which were taken and shown to professor Anthony by Martin Harris. His son also read to us a testimony of James T. Cobb of Salt Lake City, in which Cobb says the Book of Mormon is not true and is a fraud; is the work of Sidney Rigdon taken from the Spaulding story, and says it is an imposition on the world, and David Whitmer resented the same in the strongest language and said the Book was true and he knew it for God had declared it to him and the angel of the Lord had shone the plates from which it was translated; and he said “If anything is true, that is true” and said that the Book of Mormon was published to the world before Sidney Rigdon ever saw or heard of it. (The above note of J.T. Cobb was written on June 8, 1881)

OCT 27 – Arrived in St. Louis at 7:00 a.m. Stopped at St. James Hotel, visited the bridge, Shaws Gardens and Park, Zoological Gardens, etc.

OCT 28 – Left St. Louis by the O and M Railroad at 8:00 a.m., arrived at North Vernon at 4:15 p.m., started for Louisville at 4:20, arrived at 6:15, stopped at the Fifth Ave. Hotel.

OCT 29 – Visited the Louisville exposition where our eyes had continuous feast for four hours. It seemed like an endless variety of everything.

OCT 30 – Spent the day in looking around the city, the Ohio River, Steamboats, etc. Louisville is on the south bank and

Jefferson City is on the north. At 3:00 o’clock we started for Cincinnati on board the Madison Steamer. $3.00 was the fare.

OCT 31 – Arrived in Cincinnati about 9:00 a.m. after a pleasant trip. Stopped at the Walnut Street Hotel at $2.00 per day. Visited the Zoological Gardens and Eadon Park by street car and incline plane cars. It was one of the most pleasant days of our trip. Started for Chattanooga at 8:40 p.m.

NOV 1 – Arrived in Chattanooga at 9:00 a.m., found Brother N.W. Haws, who assisted us in getting tickets, etc. Visited Brother Haws and found his wife was Athalia Clayton. We walked out to the U.S. Cemetery which is nice for situation and is well arranged and improved. Over 12,956 were buried there.

NOV 2 – Started for New Orleans by the Alabama, New Orleans and Great Southern Railroad at 9:45 a.m. to Meridian and then by the Lookout Mountain Line to New Orleans.

NOV 3 – Was delayed three hours by a disable engine and failed to connect at Jackson where we remained until 10:20 p.m. Visited the penitentiary. Stayed at the Edwards house. $2.00 a day.

NOV 4 – Arrived at New Orleans at 7:00 a.m. after an exciting ride on the train which was at one time about an hour late but the conductor, Robert Giggs brought us in on time. Sailed at 8:00 a.m. on board the City of Mexico.

NOV 5 – Heavy head winds and rough sea. Many on board were seasick, my self with the rest, the boat rolled terribly turning over the tables and benches, etc, but Captain Emery had them all screwed down.

NOV 6 – The sea was much smoother. Passed the port of Bagdad where we took on board some passengers. It rained a little which make the air very fresh and pleasant.

NOV 7 – Here the Governor of the State of Famarel Pas, Antonio Gonzales came aboard.

NOV 8 – Arrived at Tuxpan at 10:00 a.m. where they export a great deal of rubber and gum to the U.S. Sailed at 5:00 p.m.

NOV 9 – Arrived at Vera Cruz at 7:30 a.m. stayed at the Orienta Hotel. $1.50 per day.

NOV 10 – Started for Mexico City at 5:45 where we arrived at 8:00 p.m. Found brothers Ivins and Pratt at the depot, both feeling well and glad to see us.

NOV 11 – After a good nights rest and a bath, we felt quite at home. Held meeting at 12:00 p.m. with the brethren and sisters of the Mexican Branch (14 in number) seemed to have a good spirit and we had a time of rejoicing.

NOV 12 – Spent the day in studying and talking to some of the people. Visited the market square where there was an endless variety of the products of the country for sale. The stalls were mostly kept by women.

NOV 13 – Visited the principle church, but were not allowed to enter only one wing which contained some very fine arches and mason work in stone carving and some fine pictures; and also some of the other churches and went to the eastern suburbs of the city where it was very filthy,

NOV 14 – Visited the Military Academy of Chapultepec. The castle and park were said to have been in existence when the Spaniards came. Went out to the Church of Santiago which was built in 1693 and which is now occupied by soldiers and for a prison. Held an informal council in the park at Chapultepec in which it was decided for Bro. Nelson Pratt to remain.

NOV 15 – Visited the Great Cathedral of Mexico which was finished in 1660. It is grand in masonry and embellishments beyond all description. The banisters, railings, and candlesticks being made from composition of copper and gold, said to be of more value than silver and there is tons used in this cathedral.

NOV 16 – Visited the Church at Guadalupe which is second to that in Mexico for richness and embellishments. We also drank out of the mineral spring which is said to be sacred water and is regarded by the people as having great healing properties and that it sprang out of the earth at the feet of the Virgin Mary.

NOV 17 – Went to Ozumba in the evening where we found Brother Tino and family well.

NOV 18 – Held meeting in Tacales where about 20 of our native brethren and sisters were in attendance. Sarilo Florez had built a very good room in which to meet. In the afternoon held a meeting in Chimal where Nicolas Rodrigues has a nice little congregation. Returned to Mexico City in the evening.

NOV 19 – Visited the National Museum which is a fine collection. Packed our things preparatory to going to Ozumba.

NOV 20 – Visited the Aquarian Department of the museum which was really fine. Called on the family of a native Indian who was an artist of great renown, named Felipe Sanchez Solis, who died about one year ago. They had some beautiful paintings of historic scenes in ancient Mexico.

NOV 21 – Arrived at Ozumba and went to Brother Lino’s house where we were well received. Brother Nelson R. Pratt and I expect to remain for some time in this place.

NOV 22 – Walked out to Chimal and visited the family of Brother Nicolas Rodriguez. In the afternoon went to see Jesus E. Paez who wanted four months rent in advance for his house. $5.00 per month.

NOV 23 – Rented a house of Sr. Don Domingo Valencia at $3.00 per month. Spent the rest of the day in study. Received a letter from Dora which stated that all was well at home except Irene who was troubled with a slight cold.

NOV 24 – Moved our effects from Lino’s house to our new quarters. Found the people of the house very kind people.

NOV 25 – Attended meeting in Tecalco where about 16 or 18 of the natives were in attendance. In the afternoon held meeting at Chimal where Brother Rodriguez and about 16 others were in attendance. The evening was spent conversing with Don Domingo on the scriptures.

NOV 26 – Studied Spanish. Young Brother Ponciano Rodrigues visited us and we read the scriptures together. In the afternoon walked out to the top of a small mountain near Chimal in the evening continued our conversation with Don Domingo, who is an Indian and seems like an honest man.

NOV 27 – Went to the depot and met Brother Lino who had been to Mexico City. Received a letter from Brother Ivins who was well, also Brother Snow. The rest of the day was spent in study. In the evenings we visited Sister Rodriguez and family in Chimal.

NOV 28 – Studied Spanish and about noon walked out to Tecalco and talked with the families of Brother Serilo and Rojas. Also called on Sr. Don Philipe Sanches, the president of the municipality of Ozumba who received me very kindly and assured us every protection in his power to give in our lawful pursuits. This is the same that fined Brother Nelson and Lino on the 3rd of August 1883.

NOV 29 – Visited Brother Esteban at Chimal who reported every thing at San Andres de la Cal as being all right. He also told us of his son who died six years ago reading to him from the scriptures and telling him that there would men yet come among them that would preach the Gospel of Christ and have authority to baptize in His name.

NOV 30 – Studied Spanish. Bought supplies for five days, this being market day. Every five days the people gather from all the small towns to this plaza and bring all kinds of produce for sale. They seat themselves in rows with sufficient space between for people to pass. Thus may be seen several hundred Indian men and women every five days.

DEC 1 – This day was spent in study.

DEC 2 – Held meetings in Tecalco and Chimal by invitation of Sister Rodrigues we remained and took dinner with her and husband, then we attended the meeting of Presbyterian Church. The plaza and streets of Ozumba were crowded with people with bands of music marching, dancing, drinking, horseback riding, firecrackers, giving it a very lively appearance.

DEC 3 – Studied Spanish, visited Brother Serilo. In the evening called on a Methodist minister, Ponciano Rodriguez, where we were well entertained by himself and wife with music and singing.

DEC. 4 – Brother Antonio Paez called and with two of his friends, in the evening walked out to Atlautla and visited a young man and wife by the name of Simon Paez who treated us very kindly.

DEC 5 – Received letters from Victoria and Dora, which I answered in the evening.

DEC 6 – Did not feel very well. Fasted until noon, after eating called on a schoolmaster by the name of Miguel Valencia. Walked out to Chimal where we made several calls.

DEC 7 – Accompanied Brothers Ivins and Lino to Chapultepec, which is a very nice city in the Tierra Caliente and the present terminal of the railroad. At 20 minutes after 4 o’clock, started for San Andres de la Cal on foot where we arrived at 7:30 p.m. The people were pleased to see us.

DEC 8 – Held meeting in San Andres de la Cal, the people here are all Indian. After the meeting one of the brethren gave us each 12 1/2 cents, took dinner and returned to Yautepec, where we paid 50 cents for a room and beds.

DEC 9 – Took the train for Cuautla, walked out to Cuahuistla where we held meeting with the saints, stopped and had dinner and supper with Bro. Barco who pawned his corn cutter to get bread for us to eat, but on our finding this out we left money enough to help them out of their difficulty. Returned to Cuautla and stopped at a hotel.

DEC 10 – Visited the iron bridge over the river of Morales where there is some very fine mason work. Returned to Ozumba. Brother Ivins continuing on the Mexico City. The country we have visited is a beautiful and productive place, the tropical fruits and sugar cane being extensively cultivated.

DEC 11 – Had a long visit from Brother Nicolas Rodrigues. Wrote to President Moses Thatcher.

DEC 12 – Studied Spanish and then walked over to Bro. Lino Zarate’s house.

DEC 13 – Studied Spanish and in the evening walked out to Tecales where we met with a number of our brethren and practiced singing. At 8:00 p.m. called at the house of our friend, Ponciano Rodrigues where we met quite a number of gentlemen. spent an hour listening to music and singing.

DEC 14 – Studied and in the evening walked out to Chimal and visited the families of Bros. Rodriquez and Stabin. Bro. Lino’s folks brought us a nice plate of stewed fruit.

DEC 15 – We were invited to hold meeting in Atlautla tomorrow by Bro. Ventura Paez and his nephew, Simon Paez, the latter offering his house in which to hold meetings. It is now arranged Bro. Lino and I to go to Atlautla and for Bro. Nelson R. Pratt to go to Tecales tomorrow.

DEC 16 – Held meeting in Atlautla with Bros. Lino and Paez and about 14 who were not in the Church. All listened to the remarks of Bros. Lino and Paez with good attention. We made arrangements to continue our meetings in the same place every Sunday. In the Afternoon attended meeting in Chimal and had dinner with Bro. and Sister Rodriguez.

DEC 17 – Walked six miles to Amecameca where we called on Francisco Noriega, a spaniard to whom we had a letter of introduction. He received us very cooley and we did not accept his invitation to soup. Called at the house of Silvestre Lopez. He was not at home but his wife treated us very kindly. She remembered Bro. August Wilcken.

DEC 18 – Remained at the house all day. In the evening had about four hours talk with Don Domingo Valencia and Sr. Rodrigues, another Mexican.

DEC 19 – In the evening walked out to Atlautla for exercise, talked with some of the people.

DEC 20 – Studied and in the afternoon received letter from Victoria and Dora and my own little Aurelia, the first letter I had ever received from one of my own children. All was well at home except Victoria. Also received a letter from Bro. Ivins stating he would be out on Sunday. In the evening went to Tecalco.

DEC 21 – Spent the day reading The Conquest of Mexico and spent the evening At Bro. Lino Zarate’s.

DEC 22 – Spent the day reading The Conquest of Mexico. Don Domingo Valencia was a little offended at some remarks made by Bro. N.R. Pratt, was about to refuse his house, but after a little talk everything was arranged for us to remain another month.

DEC 23 – Brother Ivins and Ariago came out in a meeting held in Bro. Lino’s house. Bro. Ivins read some communications one for the Jefe Politico and another for the Presidente Municipal of Ozumba, which he though best to send to them, setting forth that we (the Church) had a congregation in Tecalco and one in Chimal and that I and Nelson were at Ozumba as missionaries and would organize other congregations as opportunity presented.

DEC 24 – Spent the day in reading. Bro. Serilo invited us to attend a meeting and fiesta to be given at Tecalco on Christmas. We also attended a meeting of the Baptists and waked out to Chimal. Spent the evening in the company of Mr. John Brittler and a Baptist minister named Rodriguez, who were stopping at the house of our friend Ponciano Rodriguez, where we had some fine singing.

DEC 25 – Attended meeting in Chimal after which we and a number of our native brethren and sisters went to Tecalco where the saints of that place assembled and appropriate addresses were given by Bro. Lino Zarate and Nicolas Rodriguez. Also received a note from home stating that Victoria had been very sick.

DEC 26 – By invitation we took dinner with Bro. and Sister Nicolas Rodriguez. After doing ample justice to the turkey and other good things, we visited Bro. Lino Zarate and Bro. Serilo in the evening. Wrote a letter to Victoria. We also received an invitation to assist in finishing the turkey the next day, which we accepted.

DEC 27 – After taking dinner with Bro. Rodriguez we walked to Tecalco and spent the evening in singing with the brethren of that place.

DEC 28 – Finished reading Prescott’s The Conquest of Mexico and in the evening walked out to Atlautla and back.

DEC 29 – After studying walked to Chimal and took a bath in the river.

DEC 30 – Held meeting in Atlautla which was addressed by Bro. Lino, I bearing my testimony. Held meeting in the afternoon at Chimal, after meeting returned to Atlautla and took dinner with Sr. Don Simon Paez and wife. Was also invited to take breakfast with them on New Year’s morning and dinner with Bro. Rodriguez.

DEC 31 – Studied Spanish and in the evening walked over to Brother Lino Zarate’s.


JAN 1 – Held meeting in Tecalco and Chimal. Took dinner with Sr. Don Simon Paez and wife of Atlautla.

JAN 2 – Studied spanish.

JAN 3 – Walked out to the field with Don Domingo Valencia. Studied spanish, in the evening walked out to Tecalco and spent the evening with the brethren in conversing and singing.

JAN 4 – Bro. Lino Zarate and I, according to previous appointment went down to Yautepec, stopped at a hotel for 50 cents, supper 25 cents.

JAN 5 – Walked nine miles to San Andres de la Cal where we found our brethren all feeling well. Held meeting in the evening. Bro. Lino doing the preaching and I bearing testimony to the truth of his remarks.

JAN 6 – Left San Andres de la Cal at 5 a.m. and walked to Yautepec where we took the train for Cuautla and then walked to Cuahuistla where we held meeting. Administered to Bro. Barco’s wife who was sick. Returned to Cuautla and took a room at a hotel for 50 cents.

JAN 7 – Walked out to a small town about two miles north of Cuautla and visited a man by the name of Serapio Vetar, who received us very kindly and invited us to call again. Returned to Cuautla and took the cars again for Ozumba. Bro. Ponciano Rodriguez starts for Mexico to go to school. Received a letter from Dora.

JAN 8 – My time was occupied in writing letters. Spent the evening at the house of Ponciano Rodriquez, Methodist minister, where we had some good music and singing.

JAN 9 – Bro. N.R. Pratt received a letter from Bro. Ivins to the effect that there was a registered letter in the post office of Mexico City for him. He, therefore, started in the evening for Mexico.

JAN 10 – Studied spanish and in the evening, Bro. Lino and I went to Tecalco and spent the evening in conversing with the brethren and in singing.

JAN 11 – Studied Spanish. In the evening gave lessons in English to Juan Valencio. Yo he estudio castillano toda la dia, y la tarde empeso a dar lecciones en Ingles as Sr. Juan Valencia.

JAN 12 – Studied Spanish and gave some classes in English. Bro. F.R. Snow returned to Mexico City.

JAN 13 – Held meetings in Tecalco and Chimal. Bro. Lino Rodrigues, N.R. Pratt, and I being the speakers. Bro. N.R. Pratt returned from Mexico City and reported that he and Bro. Ivins would be released to return home in the spring.

FEB 24 – Returned from Mexico City, found the brethren well. Held meeting in which a good spirit prevailed.

FEB 25 – Received and answered letters from Victoria and children, Dora and children, and Bro. J.W. Sharp in behalf of the police boys.

FEB 26 – Returned to Ozumba, Bro. Snow accompanying me. The train was loaded with the poorer class of people going to the fair at Amecameca and to celebrate Ash Wednesday.

FEB 27 – Went to Amecameca and in company with Silvestre Lopez visited the plaza where from fifteen to twenty thousand people were crowded together buying and selling. In the crowd I had my pocket book taken from my pocked but there was no money in it. In the afternoon we went to see the bull fight which barbarous amusement is still greatly enjoyed by the Mexican. The grand procession of thousands of people with lights, candles, bringing the saint down form the holy mount was a very imposing sight.

FEB 28 – Returned to Ozumba after attending the grand fiesta and fair of Ash Wednesday, or “El Senor del Sierra Monta” is taken from his house and carried amid admiring thousands to the Church in the plaza of Meca, where he will remain for about a month until the Semana Santiago (holy week) in the latter part of March, and then another fiesta will be held and he will be carried back to his holy habitat on the mount. These fiestas bring from 20 to 25 thousand dollars to the priest.

FEB 29 – Brother F. R. Snow, Lino Zarate and I went to Yautepec, on the train, distance of about 45 to 50 miles at a cost of 91 cents.

MAR 1 – We walked to San Andres de la Cal and spent the day with our brethren of that place and held meeting in the evening at which Bro. Lino and I spoke.

MAR 2 – Walked out to Cuahuistla and looked through the sugar factory. Baptized and confirmed Jesus Campo, wife of Nastor Aldana, also Juana Cortes wife of Manuel Salazar, also blessed and assisted in blessing seven children. Held meeting in the evening and then returned to Cuautla.

MAR 3 – Returned to Ozumba where we found paper awaiting us. Answered Bro J.W. Sharp’s letter.

MAR 4 – Wrote a letter to mother and spent the rest of the day in studying and talking.

MAR 5 – Went to Chimal in the evening and had a good time with the people in singing hymns.

MAR 6 – Went to Amecameca and returned to Tecalco in the evening where we held meeting with the people. About 12 o’clock at night Juan Valencia called us with the cry of fire. We found the stable on fire which with the die house was burned down, but we saved the other buildings.

MAR 7 – Studied spanish and called on Judge who wished to have our books to read. Visited Bro. Lino and family in the evening.

MAR 8 – Brother F.R. Snow returned to Mexico City on the afternoon train.

MAR 9 – Held meetings in Tecalco and Chimal. Bros. Lino, Rodrigues, N.R. Pratt, and I being the speakers. Bro. N.R. Pratt having returned from Mexico City on the morning train. Visited Simon Paez and wife at Atlautla. Received letters from Victoria and Dora.

MAR 10 – Nothing of importance transpired. Occupied our time in studying the Spanish and writing to my family.

MAR 11 – Finished reading the first volume of the Conquest of Peru, by Prescott.

MAR 12 – Traveled into the City of Mexico where I found all the brethren well, finished writing to my family. It is now arranged for the brethren to come out to hold conference at Tecalco and Chimal on the 6th of April.

MAR 13 – Bro. Ivins received a letter from Bro. J.H. Grant, stating that they wished him and Brother N.R. Pratt to be in Salt Lake to attend the April conference if it was possible.

MAR 14 – Returned as far a Amecameca. Stayed over night with Silvertre Lopez. He and family were very kind. I gave his three children lessons in English whenever I am passing.

MAR 15 – After a long talk with Sr. Don Lopez on the principles of the gospel, I returned to Ozumba. In the afternoon, by the request of Ponciano Rodriguez, a Methodist minister, we anointed him with oil and administered to him, he having been bitten by a poisonous insect and had been confined to his bed the most of the time for several weeks.

MAR 16 – Held meeting in Tecalco and Chimal where the Spirit of God prevailed and the people rejoiced. After meeting visited Simon Paez and family and while there several persons came in and desired to hear us talk. Bro. Nelson R. Pratt talked and read to them for about an hour, they paying good attention.

MAR 17 – On Saturday, March 15, Don Ponciano Rodriguez, a Methodist minister called on Bro. N.R. Pratt and I to administer to him which we did, he having been confined to his bed the most of the time for several weeks from the effects of a sting in his leg by a poisonous insect. On Sunday he got up and rode on horseback several miles, held two meetings and on Monday worked at carpentry.

MAR 18 – Spent the day in Study. Ponciano Rodriguez continued his work and was apparently healed of his infirmity by the blessing of God, accompanying our administrations. Visited some of our friends before the departure of N.R. Pratt for home.

MAR 19 – Went to Chimal and from there east about three or four miles to find water in which to baptize a number who desired to be baptized on saturday next when it is expected Bro. A.W. Ivins will be out.

MAR 20 – Walked over to Amecameca and spent the day with friend Lopez. Returned to Tecalco and met with the people there and had a time of rejoicing. After meeting spent an hour with Ponciano Rodrigues, where a number of young people were gathered. Had a good time.

MAR 21 – Visited the people of Atlautla and returned in the evening and gave my pupils their lessons in English.

MAR 22 – Brother A.W. Ivins came from Mexico City. We had previously arranged for a number of baptisms to take place and accordingly there were four came from Tecalco, four from Ozumba, and 13 from Chimal, making in all 21 who were all baptized by Bro. Ivins, some of them having walked six miles to the water and all having to walk over three miles.

MAR 23 – We held meetings in Tecalco and Chimal. We confirmed 21 into the Church, ordained Bro. Nicolas Rodriguez and Bro. Serilo Valencia to the office of elders, blessed 13 children and administered to five persons who were sick. The people manifested a great deal of affection and feeling at the parting with Bros Ivins and Pratt.

MAR 24 – Brother Ivins and N.R. Pratt went down to Cuahuistla to visit the people there before taking their departure for Utah. Spent the day in straightening up things before returning to Mexico City where I expect to make my headquarters.

MAR 25 – We were met at the depot by Bros. Lino and family. Brother Rojas wife and sister of Tecalco and Sister Rodriguez and Ventura Fuentes and others who brought us a good dinner and took a final leave of the brethren. I also visited those who had been administered to and found them all better, except an aged person who was still very feeble, came to Mexico City.

MAR 26 – The brethren were very busy getting ready for a start.

MAR 27 – Bought a few presents to send home to my family. In the evening we had good meeting there being about 20 present, a good spirit prevailed, and most of the native brethren spoke also Bros. Ivins and Pratt. I was set apart by Bro. Ivins to preside over the Mission in Mexico in accordance with instructions from the President.

MAR 28 – Bros. Ivins and N.R. Pratt took the train for home at 6:30 a.m. Spent the day in cleaning the room and in studying.

MAR 29 – Visited Bro. Ventura Paez at his place of business. the rest of the day was spent in study.

MAR 30 – Held meeting at which about 20 were in attendance, in the afternoon visited a family by the name of —- and listened to some very fine music from the piano played by three of the young ladies of the family. After which we walked out on the grand boulevard.

MAR 31 – Spent the day in studying.

APR 1 – By invitation of Sr. Don Juan Chavez we visited the national palace, the observatory rooms, the national photography gallery, etc. We were conducted through by the brother of Don Juan and another gentleman, both of whom are in the employ of the government. They treated us with great courtesy.

APR 2 – Attended the inauguration of the National Library which is a fine building and is said to contain some 250 thousand volumes. There was an orchestra in attendance of about 100 musicians led by a young man of about 22 years of age. It rendered some very fine pieces composed by the leader. In the main hall were many fine statues, etc.

APR 3 – Traveled out to Amecameca with Silvestre Lopez where I was very hospitably entertained until next morning.

APR 4 – Walked to Ozumba and visited all the brethren of Chimal and most of those of Ozumba whom I found well in body and spirit. Stayed overnight with Ponciano Rodriguez.

APR 5 – Bro. Nicolas and I went down to San Andres de la Cal where we arrived about 9 o’clock p.m. Found the people all in bed.

APR 6 – Held meeting with the people at which there were about 12 in attendance. The brethren are very undecided whether to stick to Mormonism or return to Methodism. Some of them have gone to attend a Methodist conference.

APR 7 – Returned to Cuahuistla where I found some of the saints very sick. Held meeting in the evening where a good spirit prevailed. The flies and mosquitos were terrible here and bit me so bad that I got very little rest.

APR 8 – Returned to Ozumba and visited the people of Chimal stayed with my friend Ponciano Rodriguez.

APR 9 – Walked over to Amecameca after visiting the people of Tecalco. I found the youngest child of friend Lopez very sick. Remained over night, had a talk with the brother of Mrs. Lopez.

APR 10 – Returned to Tecalco and held meeting with people, after which I went to Chimal and held meeting afternoon and evening at the evening meeting we administered the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper for the first time in this place.

APR 11 – Returned to Mexico City where I found Bro. Snow enjoying good health. Also a letter from Dora. In the afternoon visited some of the principle churches, which were in full dress on account of it being the Semana Santa.

APR 12 – Answered some of my correspondence, received several calls from parties who talked to us about our principles.

APR 13 – Held meeting. There were not many present in the evening visited a family by the name of Frederico Sutz where I listened to some good music on the piano played by his daughter.

APR 14 – Spent the day in study.

APR 23 – Administered to a man by the name of Jose Valasquez from the Argentine Republic, he being afflicted with rheumatism.

APR 24 – Went to Amecameca had a very pleasant visit with Silvestre Lopez.

APR 25 – Visited most of the saints of Tecalco and Chimal and some of the Ozumba. Found all well and enjoying a good spirit. Our enemies were circulating all kinds of lies about us.

APR 26 – Bro. Lino and I went to San Andres de la Cal.

APR 27 – Sunday. Held meeting with the people after which I baptized two persons, walked back to Yautepec and stopped in a hotel called La Por de Venir.

APR 28 – Went to Cuahuistla where we found a good deal of sickness among the people and small pox raging. Held meeting in the evening there being a good attendance and some strangers.

APR 29 – Returned to Ozumba and in the evening walked to Amecameca.

APR 30 – Returned to Mexico City where I found Bro. Snow and all the brethren well.

MAY 11 – Brother F.R. Snow baptized five persons in the City of Mexico and we confirmed them the same day and also blessed three children.

MAY 17 – Bro. Candanoca and I went to Amecameca and spent the afternoon and evening with Silvestre Lopez.

MAY 18 – Walked over to Tecalco and held meeting with the people in which a good spirit prevailed. In the afternoon held meeting at Chimal and in the evening counseled with Bro. Lino and Rodriguez on matters of importance.

MAY 19 – After a good night’s rest in the house of Domingo Valencia we spent a couple of hours with Ponciano Rodriguez in conversing with him on the Book of Mormon and after taking dinner with Bro. Simon’s family returned to Mexico City.

MAY 29 – Traveled to Amecameca and gave lessons in English to the children of Silvestre Lopez. Also spent a apart of the time in talking with different ones on the Gospel.

MAY 30 – Visited the saints at Tecalco, Ozumba, and Chimal, found all well.

MAY 31 – Took my birthday dinner with Bro. Lino Zarate and family. After dinner Bro. Nicolas Rodriquez and I started for Tierra Caliente. Bro. Rodriquez got left at Morelis and I proceeded to San Andres alone.

JUN 1 – Met the Methodist minister of Yautepec at San Andres. Had quite a lively discussion with him in which he was badly beaten, much to the satisfaction of the native brethren who were present. Blessed one child in the evening and returned to Yautepec.

JUN 2 – Went to Cuahuistla and held meeting in the evening, found the saints feeling well although very poor and praying for deliverance from the bondage in which they are held.

JUN 3 – Returned to Mexico. Found Bro. Snow troubled with dysentery. Also received a letter from Dora.

JUN 4 – Answered my letters to the family and also wrote to Pres. Thatcher.

JUN 5 – Studied Spanish.

JUN 6 – Received a letter from C.H. Wilcken which I answered. Made some calls in the afternoon, also received a visit from Bro. Antonio Seguna from San Marcos, near Tula.

JUN 12 – Held meeting in Estocales where we baptized and confirmed four persons and blessed two children. After meeting the whole company partook of a good dinner prepared by the wife of Bro Ventura Paez. The party consisted of about 25 persons, this being the first public dinner I had attended.

JUN 15 – By invitation Bro. Candanoca and I visited a congregation at Toystringo where about 20 met. They are an independent and belong to no denomination and we hope in time to make some progress, held meeting in the evening in Ozumba, administered to Bro Rodriguez.

JUN 16 – Returned to Mexico City was sick all day with the chills and fever.

JUL 3 – Went to Ozumba where I found the people all well. Also at Tecalco where (rest of page unreadable)

JUL 4 – Visited Chimal and called at the houses of most of the saints. Found Bro. Nicolas Rodriguez recovered from his sickness. Also called at Atlautla.

JUL 5 – Took the train for Cuautla and visited a man by the name of P. Bueno at Amilcingo, who applied for baptism on our next visit.

JUL 6 – Went to Cuahuistla where we held meeting and in the afternoon took train for Yautepec.

JUL 7 – Walked to San Andre, held meeting in the evening found the saints very weak, not knowing whether they were Mormons or Methodists.

JUL 8 – Walked through the mud to Yautepec starting at 2 a.m. Took train at 6 a.m. for Mexico where I found letters from Pres. Thatcher and C.H. Wilcken.

JUL 19 – Went to visit the saints at San Marcos, Tula, State of Hidalgo for the first time found then all well but feeling as though they had been deserted, they having held no meetings for many months. Spent the night with Bro. Chrispiso Seguna.

JUL 20 – Sunday. Held an informal meeting at the house of Bro. Ladislas Garcia where I met a Methodist minister by the name of Jose Olvia of Chapantonga, Estado Hidalgo. After an animated conversation, he acknowledged that the Methodists had not the truth in all its fullness, neither had he the authority to administer in the ordinances of the Gospel and that the signs did not follow the believer in their church, but said he, I am open to correction if you have anything better. After explaining to him the first principles of the Gospel and how it was restored I gave him, A Voice of Warning, _The Only Way To Be Saved, and arranged to meet him there on the 10th of next month. After my dinner of tortillas and beans I returned to Mexico City well pleased with my visit but sick on account of the food.

JUL 30 – Went to Amecameca.

JUL 31 – Walked over to Ozumba where I found all well. Visited the people of Tecalco, Atlautla, and Ozumba.

AUG 1 – Visited and talked with the people of Tecalco and Chimal. Was well cared for at the house of Bro. Lino Zarate.

AUG 2 – Went to Cuautla was met at the station by Sr. Don Procopio Bueno and arranged to baptize him the next day. He then introduced me to a friend of his who was reading our books. We found him very much interested.

AUG 3 – Sunday. Held meeting in Cuahuistla. Found all the brethren who were there feeling well. I also baptized Procopio Bueno.

AUG 4 – Returned to Mexico found Bro. Snow well. On the train I was attacked by a Methodist minister named Guerera, he assailing me quite fiercely at first, but before we got through he was completely humbled, the starch being taken out of his sails.

AUG 9 – In company with Bro. Candanoca went to San Marcos where we found the saints feeling well.

AUG 10 – Sunday. Spent the day conversing with the people. The Methodist minister, Jose Oliva, came and he said he was convinced of the truth of Mormonism but had not way of making a living for his family, but would continue until November conference when he would resign and then be baptized, also his wife.

AUG 11 – Went to Nopala to find our brethren who I supposed lived in that city. I was directed to the Episcopal bishop and on calling at the house where he in company with the Municipal President, the Secretary and one of the town Council were assembled to partake of a dinner given by the Episcopal minister named Henrico Hernandes on the occasion of his marriage, the Bishop, Antonio Crion informed me that Jose G. Bravo, one of our brethren was there, and on being invited in and after partaking of a good dinner, we entered into a friendly discussion which lasted from about 1 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Bro. Jose G. Bravo having gone home, he living about seven miles, having first arranged for me to remain overnight with the minister where I was well treated.

AUG 12 – After a good breakfast, horses came to convey me to the house of Bro. Jose Bravo, where I spent the day conversing upon the principles of the gospel.

AUG 13 – After breakfast, rode about six miles to the house of Jose Yanez where we partook of a good dinner and spent some hours conversing upon the principles of the Gospel. After which rode to the station and from there to Mexico. The above named brethren are both well off and smart men and seem to be sound in the Gospel. The prospects are good for a good work in that part of the country. This was one of the most successful trips in my missionary experience. God having heard and answered my prayers.

SEP 11 – Went out to San Marcos where I had arranged to meet the brethren and sisters also the Methodist minister. Met with the former but the latter did not come.

SEP 12 – Went to Nopala to the house of Jose Bravo where I was well received and in the afternoon baptized two women and confirmed them members of the Church.

SEP 13 – Spent the day in conversation.

SEP 14 – Went in company with Bro. Jose to Nopala visited one Andres Guerrero, who is investigating. Went to the Episcopal Church. Took dinner with the Bishop, Antonio Carion, also called and conversed with Henrico Hernandez, minister.

SEP 15 – Walked to the house of Bro. Jose Yanez, after dinner visited his mother where I met and talked with Manuel Yanez. He asked me to bless one of his little boys, the other having been blessed by Bro. Stewart which we arranged for the next day.

SEP 16 Blessed the son of Manuel Yanez and spent sometime in talking on the principles of the Gospel.

SEP 17 – After spending a very pleasant morning with Bro. Jose Yanez and family I was accompanied to the station by R. Yanez, son of Jose, took train for Mexico. During my visit I received every kindness and attention from the families of Bro. Bravo and Yanez that it was possible for them to bestow. Chickens and turkeys were killed in honor of my visit and the food was of the best.

NOV. 17 – Bros. I.J. Stewart and Alvin V. Robinson arrived in Mexico in good health, after traveling six days and laying over one day in El Paso. Cost of trip to El Paso $39.00 from El Paso to Mexico $30.25. and $6.00 for incidentals. Total 75.30.

NOV 18 – We looked around the city visiting the principal places of interest during the week and also during the week much excitement was manifest in the city, the Congress being in session and were discussing their debt to England, the populace being very much opposed to their acknowledging the same and after making many demonstrations in and near the hall of Congress, the mob went howling through the streets breaking the glass in the windows, street lamps, etc. Several encounters took place between them and the polica and soldiers, some of the police being killed and it is reported that about 40 of the mob were killed, many wounded and 150 taken prisoners. Congress finally laid the question on the table to come up the next month when the new administration begins, much bitter feeling is indulged in against Pres. Gonzales on account of his having robbed the nation, it is said, of $40 million dollars. It is also feared there will be trouble at the inauguration of Pres. Diaz.

NOV 24 – Bro. Stewart, Robinson and I went out to Ozumba. There we arranged for the two former brethren to stay, getting a room for them in the house of Don Domingo Valencia.

NOV 30 – Held meeting at Tecalco and Chimal after which I attended the Presbyterian meeting and was visited by the minister and asked to accompany him and others to visit the house of some sick people, the father having been sick for about nine months and the daughter about six weeks. After prayers by a schoolmaster who was an assistant to the minister, I asked the minister to read the 3rd Chapter of the Epistle of John were he said, “if any are sick among you, send for the elders and anoint with oil and the prayer of faith shall save the sick.” After making some explanation, I administered to them who were sick and promised to return the next day.

DEC 12 – Brother Snow and I visited Guadalupe, it being the anniversary of the Virgin Mary’s appearance to a shepherd boy and is one of the grandest fiestas of Mexico. Many thousands came from all parts to worship at her shrine and take some of the holy water from a mineral spring in one of the churches.


JAN 1 – Held meeting in Tecalco, Chimal, and Atlautla. Baptized three at Tecalco, one at Atlautla and two at Chimal.

JAN 2 – Visited and conversed with several on the principles of the Gospel. Received an invitation on my returning from the Tierra Caliente to call on Ponciano Rodriguez, Methodist minister, at Ozumba to talk of the principle of baptism for the dead.

JAN 3 – Brother Robinson and I went to San Andres de la Cal.

JAN 4 – Held meeting in San Andres de la Cal after which walked to Yautepec and attended the Methodist meeting in the evening.

JAN 5 – Took train for Morelos and after our arrival called on the Jeffe Politico and filed a written notice that we have formed a congregation in Cuahuistla with Bro. Francisco Barco as president and Simon Zuniga, vice president. Held meeting at Cuahuistla in the evening and returned to Morelos.

JAN 6 – Took train to Ozumba and according to appointment had a talk of 2 1/2 hours with Ponciano Rodriguez, who said he was very well satisfied and had heard things that he had never dreamed of before. Went to Tecalco and administered to a sick woman.

JAN 7 – Returned to Mexico City where I found Brother Snow and Stewart. Brother Stewart returned to Ozumba on the afternoon train.

JAN 8 – Received this diary from my wife Victoria, wrote several letters to my family. Spent the evening in taking a Spanish lesson from Prof. Grizorria V. Hanichan.

JAN 9 – Had a long conversation with Jose Valesquez on the principles of the Gospel, also wrote to Pres. Taylor and received a letter from Victoria.

JAN 10 – Visited the tomb of Bandito Juarez, the great Indian President of Mexico, who fought against and conquered the Emperor Maximillian and established a republican form of government. On the tomb is a square coffin shaped block of marble with a life size statue of Juarez lying on top, also his wife setting in a reclining position holding his head, the whole being beautifully carved and polished in white marble, and presenting a most beautiful picture.

JAN 11 – Visited the Arbol de la Noche Triste, where Cortez on the night of his retreat from the City of Mexico wept bitter tears. This was in the year 1520, July 1. It is a large tree of the Cedar family about 60 feet in circumference and now stands about 70 or 80 feet high. The top is broken off and the tree is badly burned. The Spaniards, it is said, having tried on several occasions to burn it. It is now surrounded with an iron fence about 10 feet high with a stone foundation to protect it. We also held meeting which was well attended.

JAN 12 – Brother Snow received a letter from his father stating that Pres. Taylor, Pres. Smith and Pres. Snow, Lyman, Thatcher and others were making a tour through the Arizona settlements and would probably visit Sonora with a view of locating a city of refuge. Bishop Sharp was with the party and they were traveling in his director’s car. I received a photo of my twins and I could not realize that they were the same little babies I had left.

JAN 13 – Brother Snow and I took train for Texcoco. Visited Moline de Flores which is the favorite resort of the lords of Texcoco before the conquest. It is one of the most beautiful gardens ever; being situated on the side of a rocky gorge through which a beautiful stream of water flows over the cliffs. The side hills are laid out with beautiful walks, lawns, and flowers, gardens beautifully arranged, and trees some very old, others young. Among the cliffs, is a bath out of solid rock in which the lords of Texcoco used to bathe. The garden and shower baths being supplied with water from a spring on the hill top and altogether it is one of the most beautiful and romantic spots on earth; perpetual spring with flowers ever in full bloom and trees and grass ever green. It must be seen to be appreciated as it is beyond the power of man to describe its loveliness. A church is on the opposite side of the gorge, it being reached by an iron suspension bridge and built with the cliffs for one wall, all presenting a magnificent appearance.

JAN 15 – Bro. Snow and I visited Cornel E. Gay who has been employed by the Mexican government to survey the government lands. He described, among other places, a country in the position of the Indians of the Sierra de Alta which he says is a very desirable place to colonize, ranging from the sea coast to six thousand feet above and capable of producing many of the different fruits of the earth. Visited Ixtacalco in the afternoon, had a good time.

JAN 16 – Met J.T. Little and F.C. Little from Salt Lake who were on their way to New Orleans; accompanied them to the village of Guadalupe, the tomb of Juarez and the Arbol de la Noche Triste (or the tree of the sad night.) Also after supper took a walk around the city to see it by gas light.

JAN 17 – Visited in company with the brethren, Chapultepec where we were permitted to enter and pass through the castle which is now used as the military academy of Mexico. Also fine and elegant apartments are being fitted up for the Pres. of the Republic. From this castle we had a beautiful view of the city and valley of Mexico, also of volcanoes, Iztacihuatl, or woman in white, and Popcotepetl.

JAN 18 – Went to Nopala and stayed with Henrico Hernandez. Attended the Episcopal meeting in the evening.

JAN 19 – Walked to the house of Bro. Jose G. Bravo and spent the day in conversation with him and his family.

JAN 20 – Walked to the house of Jose Maria Yanez, where I learned that the Bishop and Minister of the Episcopal Church of Nopala had been preaching pretty strongly against the Mormons and also the Catholic Priest had been doing the same.

JAN 21 – Arranged for the baptism of a man and his wife to take place at the house of Bro. Jose Bravo on the 15th of February 1885, I took train for Tula and then walked to St. Marcos.

JAN 22 – Walked to El Salto, twelve miles south of Tula and there took train for Mexico City where I found letters from home and also a note from J.T. Little containing $50.00 for us. Brother Snow had also received another letter from his father saying that it had been decided to start a colony in the state of Chihuahua, at a place called Corralitos.

JAN 23 – Spent the day in writing letters.

JAN 24 – Bro. Candanoca and I went out to Tizapan near St. Angel to visit a man but he was not at home. His wife informed us that he was doing business in Mexico. On our return we visited him, had a good talk and left some books with him. Received bad news from home. Wrote to Victoria.

JAN 25 – Held meeting at which their was a good attendance and a good spirit. In going to the post office, Bro. Snow and I were stopped by an American lady who invited us to attend a Universal Meeting, which invitation we promised to accept. At our separation I presented her with my card with the Articles of Faith. I can imagine her surprise when she saw them.

JAN 26 – Spent the day in reading and studying.

JAN 27 Walked out to Ixtacalco where we had a good time with Bro. Paez and family.

JAN 28 – Took train for Ozumba where I found Bros. Stewart and Robinson well and also the things of the mission in that district in good condition. Several remarkable cases of healing having been performed under the hands of the brethren, and one where a man had been blind about a week with sore eyes, was entirely healed from pain and his sight restored.

JAN 29 – Held a council meeting with the priesthood of the district and which it was decided to hold our general conference at Tacalco on the 5th of April and at Chimal on the 6th. Also a priesthood meeting on the night of the 4th at Ozumba.

JAN 30 – Went to Yautepec by rail being accompanied by Bro. Stewart, from Yautepec we walked nine miles to San Andres de la Cal where we held meeting with the people. We were informed that the Methodist minister of Yautepec still visited them and was talking and working very hard against us.

JAN 31 – At 2 p.m. started to walk back to Yautepec, where we arrived all right after a walk of about three hours.

FEB 1 – Took 6:00 o’clock train for Morelos and then walked to Cuahuistla where we found the saints all well. Spent the day in conversing and meetings. One of our brethren, Francisco Barco, had been discharged from his work and told to leave the place on account of his religious beliefs, but he had found work in another place. Visited a family in San Jose in the evening.

FEB 2 – Returned to Ozumba

FEB 3 – Called on and had a pleasant talk with the Presbyterian minister.

FEB 4 – We were called to administer to several sick persons in Chimal where the people seem to realize the blessings of the Gospel and many are beginning to investigate. Visited Acloutla. Returned home with a high fever, a very severe head ache, which proved to a return of the chills and fever.

FEB 5 – Held meeting at Tecalco in the evening. Occupied the day in reading and studying.

FEB 6 – Had a severe chill and Bro. Robinson having arrived from Mexico, I resolved to return at once to that city. Before leaving the brethren administer to me and I was much relieved, the chill leaving me almost immediately and but a very slight fever following. Found Bro. Snow well.

FEB 7 – Occupied the day in writing to Pres. Taylor and my family.

FEB 8 – Commenced to shake about 3 o’clock in the morning and was confined to the bed all day with chills and fever. About 10 p.m. commenced to sweat which kept up until about 3 a.m. My head was in a constant whirl all day. In the afternoon some of the native brethren came in to visit me.

FEB 9 – Felt very well but a little faint and weak, having eaten scarcely nothing since Wednesday. In the afternoon I discovered that I had what is called a (nigna) in my right foot, that is a sting by a little animal or insect which about in the Tierra Caliente from which in time there form a small sack about as big as a pea under the skin, which is full of little white eggs and if it is not extracted with great care to get all the eggs out, grow to be worms, many losing their foot.

FEB 10 – Spent the day in reading. My chills not having returned and my sting from the nigna beginning to heal nicely. I have seen many of natives and Spaniards crippling around for months unable to wear a shoe and suffering great pain caused by the sting of these small but vicious insects, but I believe every egg was extracted from my foot. Was sadly disappointed at not getting letters from home.

FEB 11 – Spent the day in reading and writing. Took the train for Nopala where I found the saints well and notwithstanding the united efforts both of the Protestant and Catholic priests to discourage them, they were feeling well spiritually although some who had requested baptism failed to appear.

FEB 22 – Held meeting in Bro Candanoca’s house at which I spoke on the fulfillment of the prophesies of the Book of Mormon and was followed by Bros. Candanoca, Peralta, and Snow on various subjects.

FEB 24 – Walked out to Ixtacalco where we spent the afternoon in pleasant conversation with the saints and some others and after a good dinner returned to Mexico.

FEB 25 – Occupied the day in mending my clothes and in study.

FEB 26 – Went to Ozumba and on the way had a very hard chill which lasted all the way out there. Found the brethren will, and all things prosperous.

FEB 27 – Visited the saints of Chimal. Bro. Robinson and Lino going to the Tierra Caliente.

FEB 28 – Had another very hard chill which commenced about 2 a.m. and lasted until 8 a.m. when the fever began and lasted until 12, although very weak, I concluded I had better return to Mexico City where I could get some medicine which I did.

MAR 1 Remained in the house all day, not feeling able to even go to meeting.

MAR 7 – Brother Candanoca and I translated the words of Moroni where he prophesies of the secret combination that was to come in the last days which was to ultimately destroy all nations and people except they repent of their sins.

MAR 8 – Attended meeting at Bro. Candanoca’s house. Bros. Peralta, Galvan and Candanoca being the speakers.

MAR 15 – Bros. Snow and Arteaga accompanied my to Toluca, the capitol of the State of Mexico. Where we visited a family by the name of Martine Romero who seemed very much interested in the Gospel. We found the city to have about 15 thousand inhabitants and to be nicely situated, clean and nice good water and healthy climate. The plaza is the finest we have seen in the Republic. We saw Indian men and women hauling timber on a small wooden cart or some had a donkey hitched to it, and they themselves also pulling and some caring babies on their back. The state house, city hall, and other public edifices are all very nice buildings. The Socolo is also very nice with its trees, plats of flowers, etc. The road presents some very nice scenery passing up a canyon and crossing some 60 bridges and some of them very high, strong deep cuts and one tunnel. It is perhaps one of the steepest grades that the cars climb. The valley is beautiful lays very high surrounded by mountains covered with timber, and has quite a number of town and villages and many haciendas. The land is good, the climate healthy and bracing and the inhabitants seems to be robust and hearty. It has streets cars, water works, etc. I think a good work will yet be done here. On our way home Bro. Snow and I were both very sick caused by bad stomach and a dinner of Mole con Juajals, or turkey with red pepper gravy. We returned by 7 p.m.

MAR 18 – Received a visit from Baron de Villa Atardi, of Spain, who had traveled all through Europe studying political economy and cooperation. He came to make inquiries about the ways of the Mormons having heard much about their mode of cooperation and success as colonizers. He also asked us for some books explaining our principles, which we gave him.

March 19 – Visited the Cathedral of Mexico, it being St. Joseph’s day. The golden chandeliers and candle sticks were all filled with lighted candles and the grand alter finely decorated as also the marble pulpits. The archbishop attended by various bishops and priests, celebrated high mass, there being a splendid orchestra and good singers in attendance, which discoursed some beautiful music. The archbishop was clothed in a scarlet robe the train of which was at least nine feet and was supported by an attendant, his tall cap was adorned with numerous large brilliant diamonds, rubies, and emeralds on his fingers also sparkled fine, large and costly diamonds and from his neck was suspend a fine large gold cross, all covered with diamonds by a beautiful gold by a beautiful gold chain, also in changing his apparel during the services, many other jewels were removed or put on, among which was a very long string of large pearls. A large procession was formed, headed by some beautiful girls with banner and lighted candles in their hands, following these was an image of the Virgin Mary born on the shoulders of four young women. This was richly attired in white satin with gold trimming, then came the priests, Bishops, Archbishop, followed by a band of music. This was followed by all classes and grades of people from those in their rags and filth to the finest dressed in the land, all bearing lighted candles in their hands, just in front of the priest there was a life sized image of Joseph bearing the young child in his arms, both richly dressed and the whole standing on a platform gilded with gold and borne on the shoulders of four strong men. This procession marched around the cathedral and when the Archbishop arrived in front of another image of Joseph, the procession stopped while he went through some ceremonies and the procession ended and mass was said the Archbishop deliver a discourse on the life of Joseph and Mary saying that Christ was conceived of the Holy Ghost and he being a perfect being, the Son of God, that he was conceived and born without destroying the virginity of Mary and that Joseph her husband was so perfect that he lived with her all her life afterwards with but knowing her as a wife and consequently she is a virgin yet. The building was full of people of all grades. For a more perfect description of the dress and jewels of the Archbishop, see Revelation of the St. John 17th Chapter.

The highest point reached by the Mexican National R.R. in going from Mexico to Toluca is near the station of Salasar and is 10,260 feet above sea level and frost every night in the year. Marshal pass in Colorado is 10,725 feet.

MAR 20 – We attended a Union Evangelical Meeting, and listened to the Rev. McSloan a baptist. After the close of the meeting he came to us and on finding out who we were and some little talk, he remarked, “Well, brethren, as long as you stick to the Bible, I am one with you, but get rid of that polygamy.” I remarked, “We would then have to discard the Bible, as it was written in a great part by polygamist prophets.” “Well, discard it then. I would discard anything that would uphold such an immoral doctrine and condemn any one who would practice it. “Well, then Sir, you would condemn such men as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon and many other ancient prophets of God.” “Yes, I would condemn the acts of any or all of them in as much as they conflict with Christ and his teachings.” “Well, sir, if you or any of these reverent gentlemen will show me where Christ or his apostles denounced polygamy as a sin or taught that it should be done away, I too will denounce it, but I fail to find any such doctrine taught by them and on the contrary Christ descended from a polygamist race and boasted of being the offspring of David, the bright and glorious morning star, and that too, through the lineage of Solomon who was the son of the last wife of David, whom Paul tells us that God found to be a man after His own heart. After a little more conversation in which Bro. Snow and several ministers took part, we bade them goodnight. They, however, failed to show us the scriptures that condemned polygamy.

MAR 24 – Held our usual meeting on Sunday and in the evening attended the Methodist meeting. Monday studied spanish and wrote to my family. Tuesday finished writing record word of Bro. Parley’s case for polygamy being before the grand jury, and also of the arrent of Bro. John Nicholson for cohabitation. Also that the U.S. Marshall had entered and searched the Gardo house but after serving a subpoena on a few witnesses, the visit was fruitless.

MAR 26 – Visited the Baron de la Villa Hardi. Stayed at the Intobia Hotel. I found that he had read our books and had also prepared a piece for publication, copied mostly from the “Voice of Warning,” on what the Book of Mormon really is. He also took other notes on the organization of the Church and our location in Salt Lake, modes of living, etc. with the same objective.

MAR 27 – Had quite discussion on the Mormon question with Mr. Smith. Gave him the four pamphlets, “Mormonism Exposed,” which he promised to read.

MAR 28 – Had a long talk on the scriptures with two Mexican gentlemen at Bro. Arteaga’s, one was a doctor and the other a distiller.

MAR 29 – Visited the Cathedral to witness the blessing of the palms, it being Palm Sunday. The building was full of people, many of whom bore palms in their hands. Afterwards visited a flower festival at La Vija this being an Indian festival of many years standing. Attended our meeting at 12 p.m. where Bros. Perez, Galvan, Arteaga, and myself were the speakers.

APR 1 – Visited the halls of congress of the Republic of Mexico and heard President Porfirio Diaz read his message. The hall is very similar in its interior construction to the interior of the Salt Lake Theater, the galleries being more numerous and the space between not so great. The hall was well lit with gas and also a number of very fine chandeliers full of candles, the large center one being very fine with perhaps 100 candles.

APR 2 – This being Holy Week, the people of this city have a custom coming out in their best and every lady is supposed to have a new dress which they wear on this day for the first time and the display of silks and satins today was exceedingly fine. Many it is said had sent clear to Paris, bought the goods and had them made there in the latest style. Some dresses no doubt costing hundreds of dollars. But we, not knowing of this custom, did not go out to sees the display and was told of it by Sherwin.

APR 3 – Visited Amecameca where I spent the day in conversing with Silvestre Lopez. In the evening I witnessed a procession of the Catholics in which they take the wooden saint from the church to his temple on Sacre Monte. It represents the Savior after His death, being conducted to the sepulchre. The saint is painted black and lies in a glass case, all of which is mounted on a platform and carried by four men, following which is the virgin Mary with her white face, being a striking contrast to the black one of her son. This saint was guarded by Roman soldiers on horseback and on foot, all in the gayest of costumes and wearing masks. There must have been 25,000 people taking part in the procession and looking on, chanting and singing. Also two bands of music and the multitude bearing lighted candles and lanterns. It was a strange sight. The procession moved very slowly and consumed about two hours in going half a mile.

APR 5 – On Saturday came to Ozumba, found all the brethren well. Commenced conference at Tecalco Sunday at 10:00 a.m. After meeting all had a good dinner and then went to Chimal where we a held meeting, about eighty being present. In the evening visited a Brother Hurtado who was employed as the Presbyterian minister at Ozumba, told him he would have to come and make acknowledgements to the conference for his preaching against us, or be cut off from the Church for apostasy.

APR 6 – The general and local authorities were sustained. Brother Hurtado being present was asked to speak, but instead of making acknowledgement, he justified his course and asked to be cut off, which was done. After meeting we had a good dinner and then walked about four miles and baptized 11 persons. Returned to the house and confirmed them. Blessed three children and ordained one priest, after which we all partook of a good supper and returned to Ozumba.

APR 9 – Received letters from my family which informed me that they had been subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury at Salt Lake City to testify against me as having lived with both my wives up to the time of my leaving home on Oct. 22, 1883, and for caring for my children, for which crime I presume I will be instituted. I answered the letter consoling the folks and assuring them the was, “catching before hanging.”

APR 11 – Walked out and visited the saints of Ixtacalco, where I partook of a good dinner and returned to Mexico where I also called on a number of saints.

APR 12 – Attended the meeting at Bro Candanoca’s house where a number of the brethren spoke and gave a brief account of our conference at Tecalco and Chimal. Our meeting was well attended and a good spirit prevailed.

APR 13 – Received a letter from Dora saying that the grand jury had found an indictment against me for cohabiting with my own wives.

APR 15 – Received the papers with the conference news as held in Logan.

APR 16 – Spent the day in preparing for my journey to Nopala and in conversing with a number of persons and in study.

APR 17 – Traveled to Batla, the ranch of Bro. Jose Bravo near Nopala. In the afternoon B.P. Antonio Crion of the Episcopal church came in and commenced to read a talk against the Mormons and we had a long discussion. He read a letter written by T. Ygnacio Romano N. Nigromente on the Mormon question in which he accounts for the Book of Mormon as having been taken from the Spaulding Romance, and some other absurd things.

APR 18 – At 10 a.m. the Bishop again called when we had another two hours of discussion, and he insisted on entering into a controversy by means of letters to be printed. I replied that my mission was to preach the gospel and not to enter into discussions, but he was at liberty to write and print anything he saw proper. I asked him to send me a copy of the same and I would see whether I would answer it or not. The acknowledgement that he had not the power to confer the Holy Ghost upon those who were baptized by him.

APR 19 – Passed the day at San Ygnacio with Brother Jose Maria Yanez where I found all well.

APR 21 – Returned to Tula and called on a Methodist minister named Jose Maria Oliva, where I was well received and after two hours talked returned to Mexico where I found Bros. Robinson and Stewart in from Ozumba. Bro. Robinson was very sick with his lungs and it was the unanimous opinion of all that he should return home without delay as to remain was to endanger his life.

APR 22 – Sent a telegram to the President stating that Bro. Robinson would start in the evening for home. Also arranged with the general ticket agent of the Mexican Central for half fare ticket to El Paso. Bro. Robinson started at 8 p.m.

APR 25 – Bro. Stewart returned to Ozumba.

APR 26 – Went to Toluca where I was well received by Martina Romano and family. I had intended to have remained several days but about 15 minutes before the train started I was impressed to return, and on my arrival I found the following dispatch waiting for me.

“Question. Expulsion Mormons from Chihuahua referred Federal Government. Ask for stay of decision till representatives from here arrive. Thatcher suggests if necessary you secure services of Se�or Altamirano to present case.” signed, George Reynolds.

We visited the American Consul, David H. Strother, also Altamirano with whom we made an appointment for 10:00 a.m. the next day.

APR 27 – At 10:00 a.m. called on Altamirano who stated that he wanted $100.00 to present the case, and that in advance. As we did not have the cash and no way of getting it, we could not employ him. He, however, stated that there was no danger of anything being done until Brother Thatcher could arrive and if there was any move in the matter he would let us know. Called and had quite a talk with the American Consul who promised to help if opportunity presented. Went to the Ministre de Haciendo Fernandez Leal, Carlos Pacheco, but was told to call the next day at 11:00 a.m.

APR 28 – Called and had an interview with the Sib (sic) Minister Formento, Fernandez Leal, in which he promised to not take any action in the case until the representatives from Utah arrived. We thereby accomplished all that we asked Altamirano to do for which he wanted $100.00. After this interview we returned home feeling thankful to God for opening our way and for the good results of our visit.

MAY 1 – Was very sick with a cold and did not go out except to the station.

MAY 3 – Had a very interesting meeting which was very well attended. Ordained Bro. Felis Galvan to the office of teacher.

MAY 4 – Received a good letter from Pres. Taylor and Cannon in which they informed us that Brother Brigham Young and Moses Thatcher had been appointed as representatives also that the brethren who had come to Mexico to settle had been counseled to not bring their plural families with them. Saw a grand dress parade of the Mexican Army, 23 thousand are said to have taken part.

MAY 5 – Witnessed the grand procession of the Army and a fine display of fireworks in the evening all in honor of a great victory at Pueblo during the nations struggle for independence, at which place the French were beaten. This is one of the national holidays.

MAY 6 – Went to the station to see if the brethren came. The train was detained on account of a wash out at Tula.

MAY 9 – Bros. B. Young and M. Thatcher arrived in Mexico. We all went to the circus in the evening and had a splendid time.

MAY 10 – Attended meeting at which there was a good attendance. Bros. Young and Thatcher were unable to attend. After meeting we visited the brethren at San Carlos Hotel and had a good visit with them. Their ideas being that in order to be successful in forming colonies in Mexico, the Mormons would have to come in strong numbers and well armed, so as to be able to command the respect of both the Indians and the Mexican.

MAY 11 – Visited in company with Bros. Young and Thatcher the American Consul, Mr. David H. Strother, who received us very kindly and expressed himself as being willing to render any assistance in his power. Bro. Snow and I translated the Mexican laws on colonization into English.

MAY 12 – Accompanied Bros. Young and Thatcher in a visit to the Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Ignacio M. Mariscal, who received us very well and stated he had made a study of the Mormon question and had formed his own opinion, and assured us that it was not at all detrimental to us; and that the Mormon question was discussed not more than three days before by the President and some of the cabinet officers among whom was Sr. D. Carlos Pacheco, Minister for the Colonization and that they were favorable to the Mormons coming and assured us that the day of religious persecution had passed in Mexico.

MAY 13 – Called at the National Palace where we met Sr. D. Carlos Pacheco, Minister of Public Works, Colonization, etc, at the head of the stairs and arranged with him for an interview at his residence at 4:30 p.m. He is a man of about 45 years of age, with his right arm and left leg cut off, having lost them at the Pueblo in the war against the French who invaded Mexico with Maximillian. At 4:30 p.m. Bros. Young, Thatcher and myself were received into his magnificent palace situated on Humbolt Street No. 5 (Calle de Humbolt No.5)

The minister said he was very favorable to the Mormons coming to Mexico to colonize and that he was advocating it with others and that on account of a very well written document (drawn up by a young Mexican lawyer of Chihuahua name Gandera) signed by some of the Mormons who had come to Chihuahua, he had issued an order to the governor of that state to not molest the Mormons, but leave them alone, but he rather objected to the Mormons settling in the mountainous country, which was asked for as the Government would be unable to protect them there, but said there are other places in the valley which you can have. Was quite surprised at the moderate demand of 20 leagues of land asked for upon which to settle from 300 to 500 families. He was quite pleased with the idea of taking some of the Mexican people from here to assist in forming colonies. He appointed 4:30 p.m. the next day for another interview. The brethren returned to the hotel much pleased with the interview and feeling that God had helped us. I acted as interpreter.

MAY 14 – At 4:30 p.m. Bros. Young, Thatcher, and myself were admitted into the minister’s bedroom, he not being able to be up. The conversation today was interpreted by a Mexican General named Maria Campo. After some conversation and examination of maps etc. the minister gave orders to Sr. D. Eugenio Chavero to ascertain what land the government had in Chihuahua. He asked how soon we could commence to colonize. Answer: As soon as a suitable location can be found and arrangements entered into with the government. He assured us that we would be protected in our rights of liberty and property the same as the best of the Mexican citizens, and that no one except the President of the Republic had the right to expel anyone and then only in cases where they were know to be pernicious strangers and that no case had ever occurred where a man with a family had been expelled, but that violators of the law would be amenable to the law. He was greatly pleased when told that our people came bringing with them their teams, tools and cows, mares, sheep, etc. And said hat we could come and bring our wives with us and after a while bring our other families also by saying nothing about it. That he was of the opinion that there were very few who were persecuting the Mormons who confined themselves to one woman, and in a private way. Said if Mexico should pass a law legalizing polygamy that in a few years by the increase at home and immigration from abroad, Mexico would be one of the strongest nation on earth. He said we would be allowed to continue our religious worship, but if anyone complained of our violating the law of course the courts would have to investigate, but he seemed a little in doubt about our proselyting and claimed it would be better for us to come along as colonists and say nothing about our religious affairs, but gave us to understand that in these matters we could do pretty much as we pleased, so lang as we did so in a quite way. We all returned to the hotel feeling thankful that for the way which the Lord had opened our way by softening the hearts of the officials of this government and feeling assured that arrangements could be concluded whereby our people could come and form settlements in Mexico. In fact the minister seemed a little anxious for us to come.

MAY 17 – Sunday. Bros. Young and Thatcher attended meeting and spoke to the people, I acting as interpreter. After meeting, Bro. Young and I went to Ozumba.

MAY 18 – Held meeting in Chimal at which Bros. Stewart and Young talked and I interpreted for Bro. Young. I also made a few remarks. Returned to Mexico.

MAY 19 – Bros. Young, Thatcher and I called according to appointment at the Palace where we conversed and examined maps with Eugenio Chavero who said all the lands in Galiana County were promised or owned by private parties. But arranged for an interview next day at 11:00 a.m. with Sr. Ignacio Don Gomez del Campo who had the grant of large tracks in Galiana County. We also visited the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ignacio Mariscal, who promised to arrange an interview with the president.

MAY 20 – Bros. Young, Thatcher, and myself had an interview with Sr. Gomez del Campo who represented a company who had authority from the government to colonize in Chihuahua. He showed us maps of the country, and seemed disposed to concede to us any lands we might want and said we could enjoy all the exemptions, the same as those we settled on public lands, as we had been recommended to him by the Minister of Public Works and any reasonable concession would be granted. We also had another interview with the Minister of Foreign Affairs who said on account of sickness the President had not come but he would arrange for an interview tomorrow. One asked how it would be if we formed our towns on the inside of the prohibited lane, if we could secure land within the zones for cultivation. He replied that this would depend upon the circumstances and that although the leaders of the people today might feel alright, it would be difficult to tell how the people would feel in the future; that the experience they had had in San Antonio, Texas, where Americans had settled near the border line and then declared their independence, and become annexed to the U.S. was an experience they did not wish to see repeated, the first mistake being pardonable but there would be no forgiveness for the second; after many had condemned this law, others among the statesmen of the U.S. had recognized it to be a wise policy on the part of Mexico, but that the executive had power, if he had sufficient assurance to admit of individuals getting the titles to such lands and that we in the meantime might lease them. Brother Thatcher assured him that if we colonized in Mexico, we would do so as the friends of the Government; that we would come for the purpose of making homes, developing the country, etc., and would of course be subject to any law and willing to act upon any consistent suggestion that might be given from the Executive or his assistant’s. If we found everything satisfactory, and the people became acquainted that then they could branch out and gradually form other colonies, and thanking him in behalf of our service and people we took our leave. Mr. Mariscal then introduced us to the Secretary of the Treasury, Sr. D. Manuel Dublan and also Sub-secretary of Public Works, Fernandez Leal. We met Gomez del Campo at 4:30 p.m. and arranged to send him word and if possible a delegation would meet him at El Paso, about the 15th of July and proceed to explore the lands in Galena County. Afterwards, we called at Bro. Arteaga’s and had a cup of chocolate, thus in a single day we were received by the President in the magnificent halls of the National Palace and was the guest of one of the poorest of the Indian race. We also called and paid our respects to Sr. Don Ignacio Altamirano, who was quite surprised that we had arranged everything without him. The brethren (Young and Thatcher) took the 8:00 p.m. train for Utah, feeling to thank God for the marvelous way in which he had softened the hearts of the government officials and that everything had been arranged satisfactorily.

MAY 24 – Sunday. Went out to Toluca where I baptized six of the family of Pasqual Betancur, and returned on Monday 25.

MAY 31 – Held meeting in Tecalco, Atlautla, and Chimal. Bro. Snow being with me. We both spoke at Tecalco and Atlautla and blessed a child at each of the above named places. At Chimal I occupied about one hour in speaking of the promises made to the house of Israel.

JUN 1 – Spent the day in studying and visiting a number of families at Chimal, all of whom were very sociable and kind to me.

JUN 2 – Visited the people of Tecalco who furnished us with an abundance of capolines, or small cherries.

JUN 3 – Walked to St. Juan Guadalupe where we visited Juan Valencia and wife, after which we continued our walk to Amecameca and stayed all night at the house of Silvestre Lopez. He and his family were very kind to us.

JUN 4 – Returned to Ozumba and in the evening visited Simon Paez at Atlautla where we had a splendid talk with Simon and wife.

JUN 5 – Visited the school of Sister Feliciana Rodriguez at Chimal. She has about 25 or 30 Indian girls in attendance, and all looked clean and nice although of the poorer classes of people, mostly without shoes. But we felt as though she was doing a good work.

JUN 6 – Returned to Mexico and Bro. Snow and Lino went to Cuahuistla.

JUN 7 – Had a very interesting meeting at our place of meeting in the Capitol at which I spoke for about 3/4 of an hour and was followed by Bro. Candanoca.

JUN 9 – Received a letter from Dora in which she states that there would be two missionaries called who would come in July and that Victoria would accompany them. I answered her letter immediately.

JUN 10 – Spent most of the day in hunting a house in which to live. Also received a visit from Sister Elisa Myers and had a talk with the lawyer who is collecting Sherwin’s note for us. Received a telegram from Bro. B. Young asking if Sr. Campo could meet Bro. Lyman at El Paso on the first of July. I answered that he would meet him on the 10th of July. Also arranged with Mr. Michaelis for half fair rates in my trips over the MCRR.

JUN 11 – Brother Snow and I called on a Mr. Clarck, the editor of the Two Republics and thanked him for his free advertisements, and told him if he wished to do the Mormons good to continue to publish his infamous pieces about them and that we had been told by the American Consul and other prominent Mexicans and Spaniards that they took no stock in such falsehoods as had been published.

JUN 13 – Bros. Snow, Ventura Paez and I took an Indian boat and went up the canal which connects Lake Texcoco and Lake Chalos, and we crossed a part of Lake Chalos to a small town, Tuyuhualco, where we were well received. Stopped at there house of Senor Alejo Saldivos, the methodist minister. Agilar was there and gave me the privilege to speak, after which we distributed a number of pamphlets. This was on Sunday.

JUN 14 – By invitation we attended the Sunday School and meeting and I had the privilege to speak. We spent the afternoon in conversation with the people. In the evening we walked about one or two miles to a small town called Clahuac, which has canals for streets and the Indians glide around in these small canals in canoes with perfect ease. We here took a boat at about 11 p.m. for Mexico.

JUN 15 – Arrived at Ixtacalco, about 7:30 a.m. and after taking breakfast with Bro. Paez we walked to Mexico.

JUN 17 – Received an order from Mr. A.C. Michaelis the ticket agent for the Mexican Central on the conductors to pass me over the road first class for 3rd class tickets, which is just half price.

JUN 18 – Received and answered a letter from Bro. Moses Thatcher, also one from Bro. B. Young. Bro. Thatcher stated that Bro. E. Snow, B. Young and myself had been appointed by the President of the Church as Exploring Commission to explore land in Mexico and that Bros. Snow and Young would be here about the 28th instant and probably my wife, Victoria, would be with them. I also deliver letters from them to Ignacio Mariscal, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ignacio G. del Campo, also sent a telegram to Bro. Thatcher.

JUN 19 – Received the following telegram from M. Thatcher.

“The tenth at El Paso, all well here, regards.” This has reference to Sr. Ignacio G. del Campo’s meeting Bro. F.M. Lyman.

JUN 21 – Had a good visit at Nopala with Bros. Bravo and Yanez, after which I returned to the City of Mexico.

JUN 29 – Bros. E. Snow, B. Young and John W. Taylor, arrived in the City of Mexico, having been appointed with myself as a Commission to travel and see some of the public lands of Mexico. My wife, Victoria, and little boy, Carl also came them, all arriving in good health.

JUN 30 – Bro. Horace H. Cummings and William W. Cluff, who had been called to labor in this mission arrived in good health. Bros. E. Snow, B. Young and J.W. Taylor and I visited Sr. Ignacio Gomez del Campo, and had a long talk with him regarding his lands in Canton Galiana, Chihuahua, and examined maps etc. His wife invited me to come and bring my wife and get acquainted with their family.

JUL 1 – The Commission called on Minister Meriscal at the Palace. He said he had notified the President of our arrival and also of the Commission being appointed to see the lands in Chihuahua and that as soon as we determined what lands we wished to see that the President would assist us with letters of introductions to leading men in the parts where we wished to travel and if need be furnish us with escorts, etc.

JUL 2 – The Commission had another interview with Sr. Campo and examined maps.

JUL 3 – The Commission visited General Pacheco in company with Sr. Campo. Gen. Pacheco said that Campo, etc. were authorized and empowered to enter into contract with us and could transfer a part or all of their lands and the contract which they had entered into with the government colonize said land and that this government would sanction or approve any contract that we might see fit to make with Campo, etc. He also said that the public lands in the states of Puebla, Jalisco, and other states was not yet surveyed and rather discouraged the idea of our going to see other lands than those in the state of Chihuahua. He said there was some land in Vera Cruz, but that they were situated in the hot country. He was of the opinion that we would find land to suit our purpose in Chihuahua. Bro. Snow remarked that we had some good surveyors and that if we found unsurveyed lands which were suitable to our purpose, perhaps we could enter into arrangements for surveying them. To which he answered that it would be unsafe for any company of foreigners to survey the public lands, as they would come in contact with the claims of the people and arouse jealousy, which might result in serious trouble and furthermore that on account of the ignorance and fanaticism of the people, it would be better for us to begin our colonies on or very near the frontier.

JUL 4 – Bros. E. Snow and B. Young, Bro. Taylor, F.R. Snow and I.J. Steward, H.H. Cummings, W.W. Cluff Jr. and myself and family visited Guadalupe.

JUL 5 – The Commission had a very interesting interview with Senor Campo who said the reason why Minister Pacheco was anxious that the Mormons settle in Chihuahua was that he is a native of that state, and is the actual governor, and while he is in power and holds the authority of Minister of Public Works, Colonization, etc., he is desirous of doing all he can to build up his own native state, and if we can find land suitable and succeed in building up prosperous colonies, that after he had retired from public life, he could point with pride to them and say, “see the works of those whom we have been instrumental in bringing into the country. These are the class of men that we have introduced in to the Republic.” He also promised us letters of introduction to the Acting Governor of Chihuahua and to his brother who is the Jefe Politico of the city.

JUL 8 – Visited the Museum in company with my wife and Bros. Snow, Young, Stewart and others. Bros. E. Snow, Young, J.W. Taylor, F.R. Snow, I.J. Stewart, H.H. Cummings, W.W. Cluff and myself and family visited Texcoco and the Gardens of Molino de los Flores. We had a very pleasant time and on our return had a very good view of the volcano Iztacihuatl and Popocatepetl. Also saw the north star and the southern cross.

JUL 11 – Bro. Snow received a letter from A.F. MacDonald and an order from the Governor of Chihuahua, Carlos Fuero to the effect that the Mormons would be permitted to stay in the State until they had harvested their crops and then they must leave the state. We immediately sought an interview with Minister Pacheco, but failed to see him.

JUL 12 – Brother B. Young and I called at the residence of Minister Pacheco at 7:00 a.m. After reading the order of the Governor of Chihuahua ordering the saints to leave the state after having harvested their crops, his countenance fell and he said he could not understand the order as it was contrary to the orders he had sent. Bro. Young said while he had no doubt of the ultimate outcome of these things, feeling assured that the expression of welcome which had been made by the officials here were sincere. But such orders from the local officers of the State made our people feel very unsettled as they had received so much persecution in the U.S. that they were very tired and unsettled and felt that it would not be prudent to make permanent improvements unless they could be assured of peace and not be annoyed in the future. The minister replied that if the commission would address him a note calling his attention to said order, he would take official action in the matter. We then took the coach for the train to Ozumba and were joined on the way by Bro. E. Snow.

Held meeting at Ozumba in Bro. Linos house after which Bro. Snow returned to Mexico and Bro. Young and I stayed in Amecameca with Colonel Lopez.

JUL 14 – Bros. E. Snow, B. Young. J.W. Taylor, F.R. Snow, and myself called on President Porfirio Diaz, Minister Mariscal accompanying us and interpreting for us. Bro. E. Snow stated that we were pleased to have an opportunity to pay our respects to him and we wished to inform him that our people were very grateful to him and other officials for the kind manner in which Brothers Young and Thatcher had been received, and for their expressions of kindness towards our people, and that in accordance with his wish or suggestion the following commission had been appointed to visit and continue the friendly relations and to see some of the public lands, E. Snow, B. Young, J.W. Taylor and Helaman Pratt and that while we were looking at some of the lands here another commission whose names were F. M. Lyman, A. F. McDonald, Jesse N. Smith and Lot Smith had been appointed to accompany Sr. Gomez del Campo to visit and see the lands which he and company have in Canton Galiana, Chihuahua, and that they were now on their journey. That we would meet with them after they had seen these lands and would then compare notes and be able to know in this manner where we could begin our colonies to the best advantage. The President replied that we were at liberty to see and choose any of the public lands that were adapted to our wants, and that he would say that the Government not only welcomes us but were anxious that we should come and help to develop the country, that as long as we observed the laws we would receive protection under them. Bro. Young extended an invitation to the President and Minister Mariscal to come in person or send some one to our Capitol that they might see and know for themselves regarding the workings of the Mormons and that we would endeavor to return the courtesies we have received. To which the President replied that inasmuch as we expected to commence colonizing in Mexico it was very necessary to become better acquainted with each other and that he would accept the invitation, would come or send someone to visit us that the bonds of friendship might be strengthened, and that we might become better acquainted. After some little more conversation, we took our leave.

JUL 15 – The Commission took train to Puebla which City has 75,000 inhabitants and is the cleanest and one of the prettiest cities I have seen in the Republic. Presented our letter of introduction from Pres. Diaz to Gov. Rosendo Marquez who received us well and proffered us letters of introduction to parties in the north of the state, to furnish escorts if necessary. His secretary escorted us through the new state prison commenced in 1849 and will cost $250,000 and will have sufficient room for 580 persons. We then returned to our Hotel de Diligencias where we got board and lodging for $2.00 per day. Our trip cost to Puebla $506.00 second class. We travel on the Vera Cruz Rail Road to Apizaco there changed cars to Puebla.

JUL 16 – We visited Cholula which is a city of 5,000 inhabitants and has 130 Catholic Churches, which were built when the city had 80,000 inhabitants. We went to the top and examined the side of the great Aztec pyramid, the largest in Mexico, which seems to have been built of adobes and mortar. Had another interview with the governor and then took train for Apizaco.

JUL 17 – Took the Hidalgo Rail Road to Pachuca which is the capitol of the state of Hidalgo and is noted for its silver mines and has a population of 17,000. Brother E. Snow was obliged to return to Mexico on account of ill health. F.R. Snow accompanied him.

JUL 18 – We visited the Governor of Hidalgo, Gen. Francisco Carviota who received us well and expressed himself as being pleased with the idea of the Mormons coming to Mexico and that he would give us any information or assistance that lay in his power and that he wished us success in our enterprise. We took the train for Mexico at 3:30 p.m. where we arrived at 8:00 p.m. Found Bro. E. Snow somewhat improved.

JUL 19 – Bros. Young, Taylor and F.R. Snow, W.W.Cummings, and myself and family attended the meeting at Bro. Candanoca’s home. The meeting was addressed by Bros. Young, Taylor, F.R. Snow and Candanoca. In the evening held a council in our house.

JUL 20 – Attended to the changing of some money and other matters of business.

JUL 21 – Bros. E. Snow, Young, Taylor, and I called on Col. Dodge, the Vice President of the Mexican Nacional Rail Road and from there at the office of U.S. Minister, Jackson, but he was occupied so that we did not see him. Bros. Young, Taylor and I took train for Toluca at 4:00 p.m. where we arrived at 7:00 p.m. Stopped at Hotel de la Gran Sociedad, went to the theater in the evening and witnessed a very good drama in spanish.

JUL 22 – Bros. Young, Taylor, and myself visited the governor of the state of Mexico at Toluca. Gen. Jesus Salanna, who received us kindly and expressed himself as being well pleased with the idea of the Mormons coming to the Republic. He had fought and bled to establish religious freedom in this land and he was glad to have lived to see realized some of their hopes; that he knew of our labors in converting a desert into a fruitful field and that we were known as an industrious, sober, virtuous people and as such he received us with open arms. Toluca has 13,500.

JUL 23 – Bros. E. Snow, B. Young, J.W. Taylor and F. R. Snow started north. They expected to visit Eacalocos, Chihuahua, Sonora, and other places, also the saints who are camped in Canton Galiana, Chih.

JUL 24 – Looked, in company with Victoria, at some houses but the price was too high.

JUL 25 – This is the 17th anniversary of our wedding day. Spent the day very quietly at our quarters in Mexico.

JUL 26 – We attended meeting and in the afternoon called on the Lopez family and had some beautiful music on the piano.

JUL 27 – Spent the day in writing. Received letters from Dora stating that all was well at home.

AUG 16 – Brothers Erastus Snow and F. M. Lyman arrived in Mexico. Bro. Lyman attended meeting with me and spoke to the saints, I acting as interpreter.

AUG 17 – Notified Mr. Campo of the arrival and the brethren met and had a talk with him on land matters. Pro. Sherwin called on me and wished me to withdraw the suit and he would try and begin paying me $15.00 on the first of Jan.

AUG 18 – Met Senor Campo in company with Bro. Lyman and he said he thought it would be better for us to buy at least 100 leagues of land and wanted two days to consider the price at which he could sell it. Bought 50 yards of carpet off a Mrs. Gay at 50 cents per yard. Visited with Bro. Lyman, the Arbol de la Noche Triste.

AUG 19 – Accompanied Bros. Lyman to the Museum and after he and Bro. Snow to Chapultepec, and had a good time.

AUG 20 – Went with Bro. Lyman and my family to Guadalupe. I visited the tomb of Santa Ana and the churches, mineral spring, etc. Commenced to hold Thursday evening meetings, Bro. Lyman occupied the most of the time and was followed by Bro. Arteaga.

AUG 21 – We called on Senor Campo and he stated that they wanted $200,000 for 100 leagues of land. The brethren informed him if that was his figure there was no use of talking any more. He then said (Mexican like) for us to think the matter over and tell him what we would give.

AUG 22 – Bro. Lyman accompanied me to Ozumba where we had a good visit with Bros. Stewart and Cluff. Bro. Lyman giving us much good instruction.

AUG 23 – Held meeting in Chimal at 12:00 p.m. Took train for Cuahuistla where we also held meeting and returned to Moralos.

AUG 24 – Returned to Mexico and all the week was spent in visiting and talking business to Senor Campo and others.

AUG 27 – Called meeting in the evening. Bro E. Snow speaking the most of the time.

AUG 28 – Bros. Snow, Lyman, Cummings, and my wife and I all went to Ixtacalco and visited Bro. Paez and family.

AUG 30 – Bros. Snow, Lyman, and I went to Toluca and visited the saints returned in the evening and while on the platform of the street car a Mexican pickpocket succeeded in getting my watch out of my pocket, but I detected him in the act and took hold of him, but he got loose from me leaving his hat and serape, or blanket in my hands.

SEP 3 – Held meeting in the evening at which I and Bro. Galvan and Arteaga spoke.

SEP 4 – Received a letter from Dora saying that all were well at home although she and some of the children had been sick with the colory morbos. Also received a letter from Bro. L. John Nuttle containing a check for $200.00 from the T.T. Called at the Palace on business with Sr. Campo. Bro. Snow sent a dispatch to headquarters.

SEP 5 – Called in company with Bros. E. Snow and F. M. Lyman on Sr. Campo and he went back on his proposition to sell us 20 sitios of land for $20,000.00 and would not sell us less than 60 thousand hetaeras for which he wanted $60,000. The brethren informed him that if those were his figures it was no use to talk further, as the land was not worth the money.

SEP 6 – Held meeting in Bro. Candanoca’s house and administered the Sacrament for the first time in this congregation. We also held our first Sunday meeting in Ixtacalco in the house of Bro. Paez. Bros. Snow, Lyman, and Cummings were present. Bro. Lyman and myself being the speakers. We had a splendid dinner and a nice boat ride both going and coming. My wife and boy Carl accompanied us.

SEP 7 – Bros. E. Snow, F.M. Lyman and I called on Mr. Rolston at the Itorbide Hotel, he being one of a Chicago Syndicate who has a contract to survey twelve million acres of land in Sonora. He was very anxious that our people should colonize his lands and arrangements were made for Bro. Snow and Lyman to meet him in about three weeks to go and see the lands. Also called on Minister Mariscal and took leave of him. Bros. Snow and Lyman took train for Utah at 8:00 p.m.

SEP 11 – Went to Nopala and spent the afternoon. Several families. Spent the night at Bro. Jose Bravo’s.

SEP 12 – After a very pleasant visit with Bro. Bravo and family, I walked to the house of Sister D. Yanez where I had a good visit and a good dinner then walked to the house of Bro. Jose Yanez.

SEP 13 – Baptized Sister Tiodula Vuribe Yanez and after partaking of a good dinner rode on horse back to the station and took train for Tula. From Tula I walked to San Marcos, three miles, and found the most of the saints away from home hunting work and those remaining without food on account of no rain. Went to bed supperless.

SEP 14 – Returned to Tula and spent the most of the day in conversing with a Methodist minister and his family. In the evening took train for Mexico, found all well, Bros. Stewart and Cluff having some in from Ozumba.

SEP 15 – Had a very pleasant day with my family and the brethren, it being the birthday of my wife, Victoria. We made several calls.

SEP 16 – My wife and I got a splendid of the grand procession from the Cathedral, this being independence day of Mexico.

SEP 19 – Bro. Stewart and I went to Ozumba, spent the afternoon in visiting some of the saints.

SEP 20 – Sunday. Held meetings in Tecalco, Atlautla and Chimal, at all of which I spoke, the subject being principally that of partaking of the Sacrament worthily, and attending our meetings on the Sabbath day. I found quite a spirit of indifference manifested on the part of some of the saints.

SEP 21 – Visited the Jefe Politico of Chalco and after a long talk he said in regard to our baptizing in the rivers that the law prohibited all religious ceremonies outside of the churches and there was no law against going to the rivers to bathe and then returning to Mexico.

SEP 24 – Rented a house from $25.00 per month on the La Calle de Soto No. 2, where we moved.

SEP 26 – Went to Toluca, had a talk with Gov. Salanna, governor of the State of Mexico who was also on the train, also formed the acquaintance of Vincent Rodriguez Maraiman, the Judge of the District Court of the State of Mexico.

SEP 27 – Sunday. Attended a meeting of an independent congregation at Toluca, who are the followers of Don Santiago Pascual. Had the privilege of speaking for about 30 minutes. In the evening attended the Methodist Meeting.

SEP 28 – Went to Ixtahuaco where I was well received by the family of Bro. Pleago, he not being at home. In the afternoon returned to Mexico and on the way met the district Judge again and had a very pleasant and interesting conversation with him, making many explanation of our doctrine and principles.

SEP 29 – Called on Mr. Campo and learned that the Treasury Department had remitted the $318.00 extra duties imposed on our people in Chihuahua, and also called on Mr. Rolston.

OCT. 1 – Received a letter from Bros. Stewart and Cluff stating that the smallpox had broken out in Ozumba in its worst form and the people were dying like rats. We thought best to postpone our conference on its account and wrote for the brethren to come in and stay until it had abated.

OCT 3 – Campo and Co. wished me to accompany P.G. del Campo to visit our camps in Chihuahua and to assist him in contracting with Bro. A.F. MacDonald to do some surveying for the company and also to try and arrange for the Mormon families now in Chihuahua to remain as their colonists. They propose to pay my fare up and back. Wrote to Pres. Taylor and Cannon.

OCT 4 – Held meeting in the house of Bro. Candanoca and at Ixtacalco.

OCT 5 – Visited Mr. Rolston who was very much discouraged in regard to getting a contract for surveying. He declared that it was the most difficult thing to get these Mexicans to come down to a secure basis upon which to do business and that they wanted all the guarantees and would give none.

OCT 6 – Bros. Stewart and Cluff arrived from Ozumba. They hired a couple of young men to carry their bedding and suit cases to the house. These scoundrels cut their valises while walking in front of the brethren and took about $30.00 worth of things out. One gold chain and ring and other small articles. The brethren did not know of it until the next morning and of course the parties had gone.

OCT 8 – Mr. Rolston told me he had succeeded in getting Sr. Garcia to sign to him a contract for surveying all the government lands in the state of Durango, and expected to get a like contract to survey one half the government lands in Sonora.

OCT 11 – Held meeting in Mexico and Ixtacalco at which a good spirit prevailed.

OCT 13 – We, myself and Victoria and Carl, I.J. Stewart, H.H. Cummings, W.W. Cluff Jr., went and had our photos taken.

OCT 16 – Brother W.W. Cluff Jr. and I went to Nopala and visited some people near the station who seemed very much interest and said they had read our books and were converted and wished to be baptized. I told them not to be in a hurry about baptism but to think well and know what they were going to do and to pray for strength to endure the persecutions that would surely follow. We then walked six or eight miles to the house of Bro. Bravo where all was well.

OCT 17 – After talking with Bro. Bravo and family we walked six miles to St. Lorenzo where we found Sister Yanez still very sick. After spending an hour in conversation with her we then walked to St. Ignacio to the house of Bro. Jose M. Yanez where found the people feeling well both spiritually and temporally.

OCT 18 – Occupied the time until after dinner in talking and reading from the scriptures, then rode on horseback to Pocaticlan and took train for Tula, then walked to San Marcos, where we found Bro. Garcia and family feeling much better than on our former visit and with enough to eat.

OCT 19 – After a good night’s rest returned to Tula and took dinner with Jose Oliva, the Methodist Minister and spent the time in talking to him and family on the gospel until 5:00 p.m. then took the train for Mexico where we found all well. Bros. Stewart and Cummings gave a good account of their trip to Tuyuhuelco.

OCT 23 – Received and answered a letter from Bro. Erastus Snow. he stated that he, B. Young, and F.M. Lyman would start for Sonora immediately, visiting the Arizona saints on their way and expected to be in St. David on or about the 10th of November. Also received a letter from Dora stating that all was well at home.

OCT 24 – Wrote to Bro. Moses Thatcher.

OCT 25 – Went to Toluca and back, met with very little success.

OCT 28 – In the evening Sr. Garcia visited us and said he had studied the “Voice of Warning” and a pamphlet on Polygamy and was convinced of the truth of these books and he had a friend who was also very much interested.

OCT 29 – Received a visit from a Sr. Torres was spent two hours with me examining the scriptures on the personality of God. He was much interested in the result and took the points and promised to study them thoroughly.

OCT 30 – Wrote a letter to President Taylor.

NOV 1 – Bro. Cummings and I went to San Augustin Alcapula being accompanied by several native brethren, we held meeting in the house of Sr. Filomeno Aguirre, at the close of which we had several applications for baptism and arranged to attend to them on the 15th instant. Returned to Mexico.

NOV 2 – It being El Dia de Los Muertos, spent the day in seeing the city with my wife and boy, Carl.

NOV 7 – Went to Morelos and visited Bro. Procopio Bueno.

NOV 8 – Went to Cuahuistla where I found the brethren well. Bros. Barco, Zuniga, and others accompanied me to the Rancho del Baranca del Cuarto about three miles south, where we held meeting after which I baptized three persons, then walked six miles to Morelos, took train for Yautepec, and then walked nine miles to San Andres de la Cal, being accompanied by Bro. Barco. We found the saints holding meeting.

NOV 9 – After having had a good visit with the saints and administered to their sick, we returned and took the train for Ozumba, visited some of the saints in Chimal and Ozumba who were sad as the dreadful disease of smallpox was making ravages among them, some having lost their children and others were sick. Walked to Amecameca and spent the night with Silvestre Lopez, setting up until a late hour talking on the gospel.

NOV 10 – Returned to Mexico rather poorly in health.

NOV 11 – Visited Mr. Rolston who told me he had failed to get his contract in Sonora and would start for home on Friday. Wrote to Brother E. Snow, stating Rolston’s failure in the negotiations here.

NOV 22 – Held meeting in Mexico and Ixtacalco where I occupied about one hour in the first meeting on the baptism for the dead and at Ixtacalco half an hour on the personality of God. Bros. cummings, Paez, and Candanoca went to Tuyuhuelco where they were well received. Bros. Stewart and Cluff was in Nopala.

NOV 26 – Wrote to Presidents Taylor and Cannon. Juan Paez was married.

NOV 27 – Bros. Stewart and Cluff went to Ozumba.

NOV 29 – My wife and boy, Carl accompanied me to Toluca where we took in the town and called on the saints and had a good visit with them and then returned.

NOV 30 – Bro. Cummings and I walked out to Ixtacalco to visit some of our people who were sick and after administering to them and eating bread and honey with them returned to the city. It was quite a disagreeable trip as it was raining and muddy, but we had a very pleasant time with the people.

DEC 6 – Visited San Augustin where we were well received and held a good meeting with the people and appointed another meeting for the 20th. There seems to be a good chance to raise up a branch in this small town, which is mostly composed of Indians.

DEC 9 – Called on Sr. Campo who read me a good letter from his brother who was visiting the colonies in Chihuahua. He also stated that the President had given instructions to the Minister of Colonization to render to the colonists all the assistance that the laws would allow and that the minister had sent word to the custom house officers to admit all their outfits without duty, sending a list of same to the general government and they would determine what articles, if any, duty would be collected on.

DEC 12 – Bros. H. Cummings, Ventura Paez and I took the boat for Tuyuhuelco where we arrived at day break on Sunday.

DEC 13 – We stopped at the house of an Indian named Cristobal de la Rosa. We attended the Methodist meeting, at the close of which I asked for the privilege of speaking, which was granted. I spoke on the folly of infant baptism and on the necessity of all believers in Christ to be baptized in order to be saved. After meeting and in front of the church, the minister and I had about a three hour discussion on the first principles of the gospel, all the male members of the congregation remaining to hear. I was told that after this the minister told his congregation that according to the scriptures all must be baptized to be saved, but said he, “I have no authority to baptize you, and I would advise you to all be baptized when these men come out again.” However, I do not know if this is true or not, but it is true that he was cornered on every point and that the people all saw that we were preaching according to the Bible.

DEC 14 – Returned to Mexico.

DEC 18 – Went to Nopala where I found all well. Spent the afternoon in talking with a number of persons on the gospel.

DEC 19 – After passing a very good night at the house of Bro. Bravo, I went to St. Lorenzo and called on Mother Yanez and then went to San Ignacio to the house of I.M. Yanez where I was well received.

DEC 20 – Spent the fore part of the day in conversation with Bro. Yanez and family and after dinner took train for Tula then walked to San Marcos where all were well.

DEC 21 – Returned to Tula and took dinner with the Methodist minister and wife, Jose Oliva. In the evening took train for Mexico but owing to the fact that some ten or twelve freight cars were thrown off the tract just ahead of us, we did not get in until 4:00 a.m.

DEC 25 – Had a splendid christmas dinner, all the missionaries being present.

DEC 26 – Bro. Cluff and I went to Ixtahuaco, but not finding Bro. Pleago at home we return to Toluca, on the way out I got to talk with Gen. Pacheco, and also shook hands with the governor of the state of Mexico, Gen. Salanna. We were very coldly received at the house of our brother in Toluca, and after talking awhile went to a hotel and took a bed.

DEC 27 – Called on Bro. Pleago whom we found to be a Spiritualist and in short I have no faith in him. At 11:00 a.m. attended meeting and there saw some of our folks who would not speak to us. After meeting we called at their house and found one of the girls had married the Protestant minister and that the whole family had turned against us after talking to them. I told them we would trouble them no more. We then took cars for Mexico where we arrived in good time.

DEC 30 – Bros. Stewart, Cummings, and Cluff started on a trip to Puebla, Ozumba and Vera Cruz.

DEC 31 – Held meeting in the evening at Bro. Arteaga’s house.


JAN 1 – Had a very pleasant day at home with Victoria and Carl. A Mr. Heppler, Pullman Conductor on MCRR, had dinner with us and an excellent dinner it was, having among other things butter and cake sent from Salt Lake.

JAN 2 – Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Madam Gay took dinner with us.

JAN 3 – Held meeting in Mexico and Ixtacalco where a good spirit prevailed. Had dinner with Bro. Pay and family at Ixtacalco. Victoria and Carl going with me. Received a letter from Bro. E. Snow telling me of their visit through Arizona and Sonora.

JAN 4 – Called on a frenchman and had a talk with him on the principles of the Gospel. Received a half fare pass from Mr. Michaelis for the Mexican Central Rail Road for six months. Called on Mr. Campo, Mr. Rolston, Arteaga and others.

JAN 5 – Spent the day in writing to Bro. E. Snow, Gov. Teasdale and Company.

JAN 7 – Held our first evening meeting in the house where we live, la de Soto No. 2, Mexico.

JAN 8 – Bro. Cluff and I went to Ozumba and after visiting and comforting Bro. Lino and family called on most of the saints at Tecalco whom we found all well and glad to see us.

JAN 9 – We went to Acloutla and visited the saints there and then to Chimal, where we called at the houses of many of our people and had a good time.

JAN 10 – Held meeting in Tecalco where there was 25 in attendance and in the afternoon at Chimal with about 40 present. The people seemed to feel well and we had a general time of rejoicing. We administered the sacrament at both meetings also administered to Bro. Nicolas Rodriguez, and a daughter of Bro. Ventura Fuentes, who has been for years troubled with fits.

JAN 11 – Called and spent the night with Silvestre Lopez at Amecameca where we were well received. Formed the acquaintance of Felipe Majia of Hinchapan, state of Hidalgo.

JAN 12 – After making some calls and talking with several persons on the Gospel I returned to Mexico and Bro. Cluff to Ozumba. Found all well and good news from home.

JAN 13 – Visited a frenchman buy the name of Marceliano Lange, who is investigating and seems to be much interested in the principles of the Gospel.

JAN 14 – Held meeting in the evening.

JAN 15 – Received a half fare pass over the Mexican Nacional Rail Road from Mexico to Morelia for six months by favor of Col. Dodge, Vice President of the Rail Road.

JAN 17 – Went to and held meeting in San Augustin, where we had a good time.

JAN 21 – Bro. A.F. MacDonald arrived on the 8 o’clock train. He having come in company of P.G. del Campo to try and conclude the purchase of the land in Chih.

JAN 22 – Bro. MacDonald and I called on Campo Brothers and had a very pleasant conversation on land matter.

JAN 24 – Bro. Mac and I accompanied Campo Brothers to see their attorney, Lancaster Jones. We held meeting in our house in Mexico and then went to Ixtacalco and held another meeting over there.

JAN 25 – Bro. Mac and I had another interview with Campo and explained to them what lands were wanted. Our interview was very pleasant and satisfactory. In the evening Sr. Gabriel Grasida came to our house as usual to get his lesson in English and after which he sat around the table with the family until 9:00 p.m. listening to Bro. Mac talk. Gabriel was conducted to the hall door and lighted down the first flight of stairs by Bro. Cummings. Bro. Cummings returned, locking the door on the inside but left the key in the door. The servant girl having gone to bed about half past eight. Five or ten minutes after the departure my wife went into the hall way with a light. She heard a noise near the hall door and called to Lupe to know what was the matter, whereupon someone passed out of the door very hurriedly. My wife, finding Lupe there partly naked, the door open, and Sr. Grasida’s books lying on the floor. The girl Lupe afterwards confessed to me and the next morning to her uncle and aunt that she had got up out of her bed in the dining room and went through the hall, opened the door and that Gabriel Grasida entered and had sexual intercourse with her. This was a great shock to us all as Grasida had thus betrayed our confidence and seduced our servant in our own house.

JAN 29 – Bro. MacDonald and I by invitation accompanied P.G. del Campo to see Gen. Pacheco, who renewed all his former expressions of good will and professed to do all he could for us in the future, stating that the official information received of our colonies now in Chihuahua were the very best. The town plot was submitted and approved and he selecting Block 28 for government buildings.

JAN 30 – Went to Nopala, and then walked to the house of Bro. Bravo and from there to that of Bro. Yanez, about 15 miles. Arranged for a family at Nopala Station to come the next day to Bro. Bravo’s to be baptized.

JAN 31 – Bro. Yanez accompanied my to Bro. Bravo’s house where we waited for those from Nopala to come but Mexican like they failed. Had a very good visit with the brethren and after the dinner took train for Mexico, found all well.

FEB 1 – Bro. MacDonald called on Sr. Garcia and got some information regarding land lying south of Canton Galiana. Wrote to brother Mathoni.

FEB 7 – Held meetings in Mexico and went to Ixtacalco where we found Bro. Paez sick. Bro. Mac. telegraphed to Bros. Snow and Thatcher for one or both to come to bring money to complete the purchase of the land.

FEB 14 – Held meetings in Mexico, after which went to Ixtacalco where I found Sr. Augustin Palacio, a Methodist Minister, who had been formerly a Catholic Priest. We had quite an animated conversation for about two hours, he hearing for the first time that Bro. Paez and family were Mormons. I bore him a strong testimony of the divine mission of Joseph Smith.

FEB 15 – Bro. Mac and Sr. Ignacio Gomez del Campo appeared before a notary public named Valasquez, acknowledging a contract previously signed by both Campos selling to MacDonald 20 thousand hectares of land in Canton Galiana on the Piedras Verdes for 60 cents hectare, and Bro. Mac agreeing to comply with their contract of colonization and received the benefits thereof.

FEB 16 – Bro. Mac and I called in company with the Campo brother on Sub Minister Fernandez Leal, who repeated the expressions of good will that we had heard from Gen. Pacheco. Also stated that when the colony grew and needed lands on the San Diego claim for farming, if the owners would not sell, he thought that Gen. Pacheco as Minister of Colonization and as a citizen would do all he could to secure it for us.

FEB 20 – Bro E. Snow and S.H. Hill arrived on the morning train bringing us word of the arrent of Bro. F.Q. Cannon who had started with them with the intention of coming to this city. Bro. Hill and I took the Indian boat for Tuyuhuelco to visit the people and keep an appointment made by Bro. H. Cummings.

FEB 21 – Arrived about day break at Tuyuhuelco where we were very cooley received and after failing to arouse any interest, we returned to Mexico on a small boat. Had a good view of the country and saw hundreds of acres of floating sod on the bosom of the lake which produced grass but not thick enough to support cattle.

FEB 25 – Held meeting in the evening as usual in our room in which Bro. Antonio Paez was ordained a priest by Bro. E. Snow.

FEB 26 – Bros. Stewart and Cluff came in from Ozumba to see the brethren.

FEB 27 – The wife and daughter of Bro. Nicolas Rodriguez came in from Chimal. The deed for 20 thousand Hectares of land (about 45 to 50 thousand acres) were made out to A.F. MacDonald and Co. and signed in the sum of $12,000.00 being paid.

FEB 28 – Sunday. I went to San Augustin where I held two meetings and baptized and confirmed four fine sons. Returned at 5:00 p.m. Bros. Mac and Hill took the evening train for Chih. were accompanied by Elisa Myers, it being arranged for me to go to Chihuahua with Bro. Snow to select 30,000 hectares of land for a ranch for P.G. Campo and Sons.

MAR 6 – Went to Ozumba where I found Bros. Stewart and Cluff well. Visited Bro. Lino and family, also Bro. Serilo and a number of families at Tecalco.

MAR 7 – Held a good meeting in Chimal where about 50 were present. Returned to Mexico where I found all well, but a little hitch in the payment of the $10,000.00 draft at New York. This was the draft used in paying for the land.

MAR 8 – At 6:00 p.m. received word that the draft had been paid. We immediately packed our things and Bro. Snow and I took a train at 8:00 p.m. for Gallego station about five hours ride north of the city of Chih.

MAR 9 – Traveled all day without incident.

MAR 10 – At 12:15 or 15 minutes after midnight arrived at Gallego Station where we were met by Bros. Miles P. Romney, Cardon, and Peter Dilman.

MAR 11 – Started at daybreak for Piedras Verdes by train and camped at Carmin Ranch about 45 or 50 miles.

MAR 12 – In leaving camp in the morning, Bro. Dilman broke his wheel and he and Bro. Cardon had to lay over for repairs.

Traveled to the ford about 6 miles below Galiana on the Santa Maria, 50 miles.

MAR 13 – Arrived in the camp on Piedras Verdes, where all was well. Stopped at the house of Sister Nielson. Bros. Teasdale, MacDonald and others came from Corralitos and La Ascension.

MAR 14 – Sunday. Attended Sunday School in the morning. Meeting in the afternoon and priesthood meeting in the evening. Had a good time and received much good instruction from Bros. Snow, Teasdale, and others. I also spoke in the morning and evening.

MAR 15 – Bro. Turley and I went to Casas Grandes and stopped with Bro. Lake. On inquiry we were told by the ex-judge, Genovevo Portillo, that there was no deeds of the Ranch of San Diego on record there and that they never had any except a Titolo Colorado, a claim by right of occupation or squatters claim, until Dec. 1884 and Jan. 1885, when the lines were run and took in the whole valley.

MAR 16 – Returned with the mail from Casas Grandes to Piedras.

MAR 17 – Bro. Williams went with me up the San Miguel River where we found plenty of good agricultural lands. Cottonwood timber, a world of grass, and a beautiful stream of water, but the water belongs to Casas Grandes and places below and consequently cannot be used for irrigation except when the river is high.

MAR 21 – The inauguration of the colony took place on this day. The Jefe Politico of Casas Grandes, Urbano Zubia, and the Padre Julio Ysigoyan both made excellent speeches of welcome. The town was dedicated by Bro. Erastus Snow and given the name of Juarez, the inauguration taking place on the Birthday of that patriot. I was elected Marshall of the day.

MAR 22 – Bro. E. Snow, Geo. Teasdale, and myself went to Casas Grandes and stayed with Bro. Lake; Bro. S. Richardson taking us in his wagon.

MAR 23 – After receiving our mail, we went to Corralitos where we found Bro. MacDonald and family, Bro. J.K. Rogers, and other brethren with their families all well. Held meeting in the evening.

MAR 24 – Traveled to La Ascencion where we also found the brethren and their families well. And notwithstanding the wind was blowing and dust flying and the people out of doors in their wagons and tents, still all seemed happy and to realize that freedom and exile was preferable to imprisonment.

MAR 25 – Visited the upper camp where Bro. W.D. Johnson, John Kartchner, and others were with their families. We also went a little way above where there is a splendid place to make a very large reservoir, after which we returned to lower camp.

MAR 26 – Went out and looked at the lands which the brethren propose to buy. Held meeting in the afternoon and evening at which much good instructions were given by Bro. Snow and others.

MAR 27 – Traveled back to Corralitos. Bro. Lot Smith taking us with his team.

APR 1 – Sr. Campo came over to consult with Bro. Snow as to what had best be done and after a long consultation it was thought best to refer the matter to the Minister of Formets as to which of the titles was valid.

APR 2 – Bro. Lot Smith, Geo. Williams and I went up the Piedras Verdes River about 10 miles and then crossed over into another wash about 2 1/2 miles north where there is water for stock and good grass and some scrub oak timber.

APR 3 – Went to Casas Grandes with Bro. Snow and passed the day in council with Campo as to future moves. P.G. del Campo Jr. took us home in his carriage.

APR 4 – P.G. Campo Jr., A. Gardner, a Bro. Hill and myself went up the San Miguel fork to the mouth of canyon where Campo and I continued up the canyon about 8 miles. Found the hills and mountains very broken and rocky but plenty of grass. I shot four fine turkeys, two of which weighed 20 lbs. each.

APR 5 – Returned to Juarez, took dinner and then Bro. Snow accompanied us to Casas Grandes where we worked to get up the necessary papers to refer this business of land titles to the government.

APR 6 – Bro. MacDonald arrived in the morning and after working and waiting all day, the papers were signed and the brethren returned, leaving me to go to (?). Rode with Genovevo Portillo and the lawyer and from there to the City of Mexico. Received a letter from Bro. C.H. Wilcken stating that Pres. Taylor wished me to not go into partnership with Campo.

APR 7 – Started about one o’clock and traveled to Galiana.

APR 8 – Traveled to within about 8 miles of Carmin Ranch and made camp.

APR 9 – Traveled to Gallego Station where we arrived about 12 o’clock at night took train about 3:00 a.m. for Mexico.

APR 11 – Accidently found my wife and boy Carl at Silva where they had come for the health of the boy and were very kindly received by Bro. and Sister Geo. Wilcox. Sister Wilcox apparently being a good saint and her husband, who had but recently been baptized, desired to know more of the Gospel. Supt. McKenzie gave my wife a pass over the road as far as Silva and return.

APR 12 – Arrived in Mexico found Bro. Cummings well, he reported that they had held a good conference at Ozumba on the 4th, 5th, and 6th, instant. Carl was much improved in health, although somewhat reduced in flesh by his severe sickness. Presented my letters and papers to I. G. del Campo who promised to attend to the business at once.

APR 13 – Wrote a long letter to Bro. Snow and MacDonald in which I told them that I.G. Campo said that arrangements would be made either by purchase or exchange of lands so that the people would not have to move their town.

APR 15 – Wrote a report to Pres. Taylor and Cannon.

APR 16 – My wife, Bro. Cummings, and I went out to Ixtacalco where we did all we could to comfort the family of Bro. Ventura Paez, he having died on the 9th.

APR 18 – Held meeting in Mexico and Ixtacalco.

APR 19 – Occupied the time in translating and preparing a pamphlet into the spanish language on the subject of baptism.

APR 23 – Victoria, Carl and I went out to Amecameca and stayed all night at the house of Sr. Lopez. Witnessed a part of the great fiesta held in the Semana Santa (Holy Week)

APR 24 – We went to Ozumba and had dinner with Bro. Lino and family after which we went to Chimal where we held meeting.

APR 25 – Held meeting in Tecalco and Chimal which were both well attended.

APR 26 – Returned to Mexico.

APR 27 – Occupied the day in consulting with Sr. Campo and in writing to Bros. E. Snow and A.F. MacDonald.

APR 28 – Wrote to Bro. Geo. Teasdale.

MAY 2 – Went to San Agustin and held meeting. Don Silvestre Lopez and Bro. Antonio Paez and Jose Gonzales accompanied me.

MAY 3 – Bros. I. J. Stewart and W.W. Cluff Jr. came in from Ozumba.

MAY 4 – Sister Geo. Wilcox came down from Silva to stay a few days with us.

MAY 5 – There was a grand military display in the City of Mexico which myself and family also Mrs. Wilcox viewed from the Cathedral. Also saw a fine display of fire works in the evening.

MAY 9 – Held meeting in Mexico and Ixtacalco which were well attended and a good spirit prevailed.

MAY 12 – Bros. H. Cummings and W.W. Cluff Jr. went to Ozumba.

MAY 13 – Published a pamphlet entitles “El Bautismo. Como, y a quien debe ser administrado.” It came out on this day.

Received a letter from Bros. Cummings and Cluff informing me that Sister Lino Zarate had some $6,800.00 in the hands of a rich Spaniard who had it for about ten years, and the Lino Zarate, her husband, knew nothing about it, and she wished the brethren to assist her in getting and keeping her money, but wanted it kept secret from her husband, and asking me to come out immediately.

MAY 14 – Went to Ozumba. Had a long talk with Sister Lino and advised her to tell her husband all about the matter. She said that ten years ago she placed $800.00 in the hands of the Spaniard at interest at the rate of 6 1/4 cents per month. I finally went and told Bro. Lino Zarate all about the business stating his wife had received $100.00 and had the promise of the rest on the 4th of Oct. 1886. Bro. Lino was very much surprised and annoyed by this revelation.

MAY 15 – Had another talk with Lino and then Bro. Cummings went to Morelos.

MAY 16- Walked to Cuahuistla and held a good meeting after which took train for Yautepec and then walked 9 miles to San Andres de la Cal, where we held another meeting. Bro. Barco accompanied us from Cuahuistla. I find that none of the people really have the spirit of gathering.

MAY 17 – Returned to Yautepec by 6:00 a.m. Took train for Mexico. Bro. Cummings stopped at Ozumba. Found my family and Bro. Stewart well. Also found letters from Dora, J. Jack, and F.R. Snow.

MAY 18 – Received and answered letters from the brethren in Chih.

MAY 19 – Occupied most of the day in writing.

MAY 21 – Went to San Marcos taking Carl with me. We found Bro. Garcia and family well and after spending a very pleasant day, we went to Tula and stayed with Jose M. Oliva, Methodist minister. Had a very pleasant visit and talked much on the principles of the Gospel.

MAY 22 – Took leave of our friends and went to Nopala. spent the day in talking with Bro. Jose Bravo and family on the principles of the Gospel.

MAY 23 – Went to San Lorenzo and visited Sister Yanez and from there to the house of Bro. Jose Yanez where we were occupied in talking and reading all day.

MAY 24 – In the afternoon took train for Mexico where we arrived at 7:00 p.m. found all well. Sister Yanez gave Carl a very nice little bird called Garion, which sings very nicely.

MAY 25 – Received and answered letters from Chihuahua.

MAY 30 – Held meetings in Mexico and Ixtacalco.

JUN 5 – Carl and I went to Ozumba found Bro. Cummings and Cluff well also the saints of that place. Bro. Cluff went to Tierra Caliente.

JUN 6 – Held meeting at Tecalco and Chimal which were well attended and a good spirit prevailed.

JUN 7 – Returned to Mexico. Bro. Cluff met me at the Ozumba Station and reported four baptisms and that the saints at Cuahuistla were desirous of going to the Colony.

JUN 8 – Wrote an answer to a letter received from Bro. MacDonald of Juarez. Also to Pres. Taylor regarding Bro. Stewart’s and my wife return.

JUN 10 – Went to Ixtacalco.

JUN 13 – Held meeting in Mexico and Ixtacalco which were very well attended.

JUN 14 – In company with Bros. Stewart, Arteaga, and Perez called on Bro. Rodecanate to see whether he wished to continue to be know as a member of the Church and urging on him the necessity to attend to his duties.

JUN 15 – Received and answered a letter from Bro. E. Snow, also he sent me one from Pres. Taylor and Cannon stating that I would not be released very soon.

JUN 16 – Called on our attorney, Arroyo de Anda. Also in company with Bro. Stewart on the American Consul. A Mr. Porch who received us very kindly. Wrote again to Brother E. Snow.

JUN 20 – Held meeting in Mexico and Ixtacalco where a very good spirit prevailed and a fair average attendance.

JUN 24 – Carl and I went to Tula where we started to walk to San Marcos, but met the family of Bro. Garcia who said that he had gone off to visit the sick and would not be back for two days. The Minister of Tula and his wife were also off on a trip and we consequently took a freight train to Nopala and found Bro. Bravo and family well.

JUN 25 – Went to San Lorenzo where we found Sister Yanez in very critical condition, her house having been entered on the night of the 6th of June by ten men who beat her nearly to death, broke her arm, stabbed or cut her wrist and throat and left her for dead, then robbed her of $2,000.00 in cash, jewelry, bedding and clothing. Walked to San Ignacio found Bro. Jose Maria Yanez and family well.

JUN 26 – Learned that six of the robbers had been arrested and when found were in a Catholic Church praying. Had the bedding and clothing with them. Gave the names of the others and confessed their own connection with the robbery. Spent a very pleasant day talking with the people and then took the evening train for Tula. Remained all night with the Methodist minister and family.

JUN 27 – Walked to San Marcos, had a good visit, a good dinner and a good meeting with Bro. Garcia and all the branches of his family, it being his birthday. Bro. Crispin Leguna was also in attendance. Returned to Mexico where I found a letter from Pres. Taylor and Cannon releasing Bro. I.J. Stewart and my wife to return home. Also a letter from A. W. Ivins.

JUN 28 – Received a letter from James Jack with $60.00 in cash and RR ticket for Bro. Stewart and my wife from El Paso home, the money being for the purpose of buying tickets from Mexico to El Paso.

JUN 29 – Received a letter from Bro. E. Snow saying that the boundaries had been agreed upon to the lands they had bought and that they had visited Corales Basin and found it a desirable place to purchase and wished to get it, saying he wished I was with him to talk and help to ferret out to whom the land belonged and that he had written to Pres. Taylor asking that I be permitted to locate there and await the answer.

JUN 30 – Bro. I.J. Stewart and I called on Mr. Michaelis to arrange for half fare tickets. But he said he could do nothing for us except[t to renew my half fare ticket for six months. We then went and changed the $60.00 for Mexican money, at 26 cents premium, making $75.60. Bought a pullman ticket to El Paso for my wife for $9.00, Bro. Stewart agreeing to ride second class and be satisfied his baggage could be paid for. I bought two tickets, one first class for $60.00 for my wife and one second class $40.00 for Bro. Stewart, thus advancing $24.00 on the tickets allowance. I remarked at the breakfast table to Bro. Stewart that when they arrived at El Paso he had better use the two tickets in checking the baggage and thus save paying for extra baggage as my wife’s baggage would probably be over weight, to which he hesitated and rather objected and my wife felt, and expressed herself that she did not think Bro. Stewart cared to be troubled with assisting her on the road. Whereupon I remarked that there was no need of her and Bro. Stewart locking horns, that I thought he would do all he could to assist her. I then went out to get some fruit and grub for the road. On my return my wife told me Bro. Stewart had said the reason he objected to assisting her was on account of my treatment of him, that before I knew what money was coming I had disposed of him by refusing to his returning in a first class car as I would a parcel of goods and that I had manipulated monies that he should have had, etc. I was very mad to hear of such remarks and thought if I had injured Bro. Stewart in any way he should have told me instead of my wife. I went into the other room where he and Bro. Cummings and Cluff were and told him, “Here is your ticket. Take it and shut up your _____and pay me the money I have advanced on it over and above the half of the $60.00 which came. He then accused me of misappropriating money and using what he and others should have had for my own benefit to which I replied that it was not so and that he would have to prove his words before the proper authority or take them back, and that he had not fulfilled his mission as he should have done, neither had he enjoyed the spirit of his mission and in almost every instant wherein I, as president of the mission, had asked him to go, he had objected in his feelings and on many occasions he had only done what was required after repeated requests from me. That during the last eleven months of his stay in Ozumba where he had charge, he had not visited the congregation of San Andres de la Cal more than once in three months. Brother Cluff who was laboring with him, afterwards told me that he had only visited San Andres de la Cal twice during that time. He then remarked that I had been overbearing in my conduct towards him and the other brethren, and ordered them around like so many boys and that ever since I had reproved him about one year ago for failing to send letter and money which I furnished him to Ozumba to bring a woman in to help my wife, as he promised to do, he had felt hard towards me. I asked him to show one single instance where I had been overbearing, which he failed to do and if I had ever said a cross word to him except on the occasion referred to above, to which he answered I had not; but that I had said, “here take my bundle” or “go and buy me a ticket,” etc. (I remember on I think two occasions of asking Bro. Stewart to carry my bundle from the station to Ozumba when I was shaking with the chills and could hardly walk, and may have asked him to get me a RR ticket when I was busy talking with the native brethren, but never in an unkind or overbearing manner.) I then told him that when called to make a report as to the labors of the brethren that I should not shield him as I had done in the past, but would tell things just as they were, and he would have to meet and prove the saying or assertion he had made against me before the proper authority and at some future time. He said he had never gone hungry before in his life until he lived at my house, that I had been a gage for his stomach, etc., to which I replied if he or others had gone hungry in my house they were fools for not telling me that this was the first intimation I had of it. His complaint was that we only had two meals a day instead of three, and because I did not want any more had in his manner sat myself up as a gage and that he and others had gone hungry. The other brethren said that from the first till the 17th of November, they had sometimes gone and bought cakes or bread or something of that kind for a lunch in the evening, or because there was not enough on the table, but that since that time there had always been plenty. Now the facts are that they all sat at the same table. I never have seen the time that we had not enough to satisfy our hunger, although during the time mentioned I was out of money and borrowing a little from one and the other of the brethren to keep the house going and was as careful and economical as I could be without going hungry in order to make the little I could get, hold out until money arrived from the north. Brother Stewart also accused me and my family of having meals or snacks to ourselves to which they were not invited. I replied that it was not true. That on two or three occasions I had got some crackers and sardines and on one occasion a small can of oysters for my wife when she was sick and could not eat such food as the rest of us had; but that they had fared just as I had. He then said, “The spirit of hell had been in my house ever since he had lived in it.” And I verily believe it had, as according to his own words, it had reigned in his own heart and consequently when he was in the house that spirit was with him.

My wife and boy Carl, also Bro. Stewart start for home at 7:30 p.m.

JUL 2 – Had Bro. Cummings put up our accounts and by adding my private account of clothing, washing and things furnished by wife and boy, which amounted to $113.58 for the year, my accounts came out $5.00 in cash ahead and $3.00 the brethren were owing me for board. This was the profits of the boarding business for the year. I made Bro. Cummings and Cluff a present of the $3.00 board bill and then told them they would have to buy and cook for themselves as I would be their servant no longer and that they were at liberty to go to any part of the Republic as the spirit might direct them, that I should not be in any way responsible for their labors. They stated that I had never been overbearing or ungentlemanly to them at any time and they have never heard or seen anything of the kind in my treatment of Brother Stewart.

JULY 9 – Went to Amecameca.

JUL 10 – Went to Ozumba.

JUL 11 – Held meeting in Tecalco at 9 a.m. and in Chimal at 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

JUL 12 – Returned to Mexico.

JUL 18 – Held meeting in Mexico and also in Ixtacalco where we had a very good attendance and a good spirit was manifest. Received a draft from J. Jack of $40.00 to reimburse me for money paid out in railroad tickets for my wife and Bro. Stewart.

JUL 24 – Went to Tlalpan, about 14 miles south of the city where I was very well received and had a good visit with the Sister of Bro. Candanoca. Had an excellent dinner and returned in the evening.

JUL 25 – Took the train for Toluca, attended the Methodist meeting introduced myself to and had a long talk with Rev. Norwood and then went home with Rev. Don Manuel Zavaleta of the Presbyterian Church. Took dinner with him and spent the time in explaining principles to him until it was time to return to Mexico.

JUL 27 – Received a letter from Bro. E. Snow stating that he and Bro. Thatcher would likely be down to the City of Mexico about the middle of August, also that the Pres. said I could go to Chihuahua whenever they needed my help, but that I must continue my labors in Mexico as President of the Mission and do all I could for the redemption of the remnant of Jacob. Answered Bro. Snow’s letter and wrote to Dora.

JUL 28 – Received a good long letter from Victoria informing me that she was suffering from a severe pain in her side, also giving me a detailed account of how things were going at home.

JUL 31 – Had quite a long talk on religion with a Baptist and a Methodist minister. They both ridiculed the idea of a church having inspired apostles and prophets.

AUG 1 – Went to San Augustin where I held meeting, after which I baptized a Miss Maria P. Perez, then returned to Mexico. Found a letter awaiting me from Dora.

AUG 5 – Went to Ozumba, where I found Bros. Cummings and Cluff well, as also all the saints.

AUG 6 – Brother Cluff and I took the train for Yautepec. Stopped at the Railroad Hotel.

AUG 7 – Walked to San Andres de la Cal, where we held meeting in the evening. Bro. Stabin from Chimal was there.

AUG 8 – Left San Andres at 2:00 a.m. and walked 9 miles to the station; took train for Cuautla, Moralos, then walked to Cuahuistla where we spent the day in talking to the people and held a good meeting that afternoon, and then returned to Morelos.

AUG 9 – Returned to Mexico. Bro. Cluff remained at Ozumba.

AUG 10 – Wrote to Victoria.

AUG 11 – Spent the evening at the American Hotel explaining Mormonism to Mr. Rolston, who seemed very much interested.

AUG 13 – Called on Sr. Don P.I Santies who had been in our camps at chih. He is an engineer in the employ of the Mexican government.

AUG 14 – Went in company with Sr. Santies to the palace and while there Bro. Fernando Lara arrived from Utah. I not being at home, he went to the house of his brother.

AUG 15 – Held meeting in Mexico which was well attended. Bros. Lara, Arteaga, Paralta, and myself being the speaker. In the afternoon held meetings in Ixtacalco.

AUG 27 – Took train for Silva, where I met Bro. Wilcox.

AUG 28 – Boated to Marfil with Bro. Wilcox, Met his wife, visited his silver mine, which looks very well and after dinner went to Guanajara, which is a very active mining city of about 10,000 inhabitants.

AUG 29 – Spent a very quiet Sunday at the house of Bro. and Sister Wilcox and took the evening train for home, after a very interesting visit, although I was sick most of the time.

AUG 30 – Arrived in Mexico at 8:00 a.m.

SEP 4 – Went to Ozumba where I found Bro. cummings and Cluff and all the brothers and sisters well. Bros. Cummings and Lino went to Morelos.

SEP 5 – Held meetings at Tecalco and Chimal, which were very well attended.

SEP 6 – Returned to Mexico.

SEP 7 – Received a letter from Bro. E. Snow wishing me to meet himself and Bro. Thatcher in Chih. on the 18th or 20th of this month to assist them in arranging to purchase some lands.

SEP 8 – Felt very much worried all day about my wife Victoria.

SEP 11 – Have been very much worried and my mind uneasy about home matters.

SEP 16 – Witnessed the display made in the celebration of the Independence Day of Mexico. Took train in the evening for Chih.

SEP 18 – Arrived in Chih. at 7:00 p.m. Stopped at the Robinson House. Room and board $2.50 per day. A Mr. Robert Berwick was running the house.

SEP 19 – Attended Protestant church and Sunday School. About 25 or 30 Mexicans being in attendance.

SEP 24 – Sr. P.G. del Campo called on us and I learned from him that he had some feelings on account of the brethren having refused to lend him some $1,000 in cash.

SEP 25 – Sr. P.G. del Campo came again and after mutual explanations, good feelings were restored and Bro. Thatcher lent him a $500.00 draft on New York.

SEP 26 – Bro. and Sister Snow, Bro. Thatcher took the train for Mexico.

SEP 28 – Arrived in Mexico, all well, found Bros. Cummings and Cluff well. Called to see Minister Pacheco and left our cards, not being able to see him.

SEP 29 – Called at the Minister Pacheco’s palace and was informed that the Minister would receive us the next day.

SEP 30 – Bro. Thatcher and I called at the appointed time and our interview with the minister was not very satisfactory. He being a little crusty.

OCT 1 – Bro. Thatcher sent a communication to the minister regarding some land we wished to purchase for the colony.

OCT 3 – Held meeting in Mexico and Ixtacalco. Bros. Snow and Thatcher giving instructions in the meeting in Mexico and Bro. and Sister Snow went with me to Ixtacalco, where we had a good time.

OCT 4 – I went to Ozumba where we held our first meeting of the conference in Bro. Lino’s house.

OCT 5 – Held meeting in Tecalco at 10:00 a.m. Bros. Snow and Thatcher, also Sister Snow came out on the train and took dinner at Tecalco where a public dinner was spread for hands or all who were in attendance, by the good people of Tecalco and again in the evening at chimal.

OCT 6 – Held meeting in Chimal where much good instructions were given by Bro. Snow, Bro. Thatcher, having spoke with great power the night before and prophecies regarding the future of the Indian race. After a good dinner we returned to the City of Mexico, the brethren expressing themselves much please with their visit.

OCT 12 – Bro. Thatcher took the evening train for Gallego Station, Chih. and to go from there to the Colony of Juarez.

OCT 22 – Cleaned house and changed rooms.

OCT 23 – Bros. Snow and Cummings went with me to Nopala, was met at the station of Polotaclan by Rofaie and Promotes Yanez with horse to take us to the house of their father, Bro. Jose Yanez, where we were well received and found a good dinner waiting for us.

OCT 24 – Held meeting and visited with the family of Bro. Yanez and in the evening went to San Lorenzo to visit his mother. Bro. Snow blessed Bro. Yanez and wife, also his mother by the laying on of hands.

OCT 25 – Bro. Snow returned to Mexico after calling at Data and taking dinner with Bro. Jose Bravo. Bro. Cummings and I stopped at Tula. Walked to San Marcos and held a meeting with Bro. Garcia and family and stayed all night.

OCT 26 – Walked to Tula and took morning train for Mexico where we found all well. Wrote to my wife Victoria.

OCT 27 – Received a call from Don Pedro Falcon of the Hacienda de San Gaspar Cuernavaca. He seemed much interested in the Gospel and promised to bring some of his lady friends the next day to see me.

OCT 28 – Sr. Falcon called with Senora Petra Fernandez and her daughter Luisa and we had a very pleasant conversation of an hour or more on the principles of the Gospel. I gave them some pamphlets which they promised to read.

OCT 29 – Went to Cuahuistla and held meeting with the saints and bade them goodbye. I was accompanied by Bro. Cluff as far as Ozumba. Sr. Pedro Falcon went with me to Cuahuistla.

OCT 30 – Returned to Ozumba and Bro. Cluff and I spent the afternoon in visiting a number of the saints at their houses.

OCT 31 – Held meetings in Atlautla, Tecalco, and Chimal and bid farewell to all the saints in that district.

NOV 1 – Took train for Amecameca and bid adieu to the family of Sr. Silvestre Lopez, then took afternoon train for Mexico and found Bro. and Sister Snow well.

NOV 4 – This being the birthday of Minister Pacheco, Bro. Snow made him a present of a very fine gold watch with calendar, and striking apparatus, the latest improved style and the best we could find in the market. It cost $400.00. This present was made in behalf of the Colony of Juarez in consideration of the many kindnesses received from the General.

NOV 7 – Held meeting in Mexico and Ixtacalco. Baptized the wife of Bro. Juan Paez. Paula Paez.

NOV 14 – Held meeting in Mexico and Ixtacalco. A Methodist minister attended our meeting in Mexico and addressed the congregation.

NOV 15 – This being the birthday of Eugenio Chavera, the chief of the Agricultural Department of the government, it was suggested by our attorney that a little present might facilitate our business. Bro. Snow sent up a case of wine $56.00.


JAN 7 – Left Dublan with Pres. Ivins, Ballard, and Bentley and traveled to Trojo de Cuerva, 30 miles.

JAN 8 – Traveled to Casa de Jenos, 10 miles where we met O.P. Brown and Antonio Ivins who had come across the country from Juarez then traveled to Las Varas, 35 miles.

JAN 9 – Traveled to the Colony of Oajaca, 30 miles.

JAN 10 – Met with the saints in Sunday School and meeting. In the evening Bro. J.C. Bentley organized the Young Men’s and Young Ladies’ into a conjoint association on account of their numbers being so few.

JAN 11 – Held meeting with the priesthood and arranged for Bro. J.C. Neagly to have 1/6 of the town cite and the waters of Barlpit Creek on account of his having furnished 1/6 of the purchase money.

JAN 12 – Traveled about 12 miles north of the colony.

JAN 13 – Traveled about 20 miles to a mining camp where Mexicans were grinding ore.

JAN 14 – Traveled to Casas de Terris about 10 miles. There is about 300 acres of land that could be cultivated, covered with a heavy growth of mesquite timber. Also found some date palms.

JAN 15 – Examined the land. Stormed all day.

JAN 16 – Leveled to see if the water could be got out and found that a good part of the land could not be irrigated. Started back and traveled all day.

JAN 17 – Arrived at the Bata Pita found the river too high to cross.

JAN 18 – Examined the land up and down the river found about 2,000 acres of good land in the south side of the river, which water could be taken out.

JAN 19 – Crossed the river. The Bata Pita belongs to Collin and Cameron.

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