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Ann Elizabeth Harper

Ann Elizabeth Harper
by Emily Wright Tyler

Ann Elizabeth (Elizabeth Ann) Harper, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Harper, was born 1 April 1857 at London, England. While a girl she attended school in London. She with her parents left England for America on 30 June 1868, sailing on the ship S. S. Minnesota. And arriving in Pleasant Grove the same fall. Here they made their home for the rest of their lives.

She attended school in Pleasant Grove and was a Sunday School teacher until the time of her marriage when she moved to Lindon. She married Hyrum Wright on 15 October 1876. They lived in the home now owned by the William Keetch family. She lived here for seven years and during this time her first three children (John, Lizzie and Ben) were born, two sons and on daughter.

From here they moved to a farm in the west part of Lindon where she six more sons (Will, Charles, Frank, Reub, Bert and Lyn) and one more daughter (Elian or Illie) were born.

For the last three years of her life she was an invalid. She died 18 May 1895, leaving her husband and ten children. Since then her two daughters and three sons have followed her in death. (Lizzie, Illie, Bert, Will and Frank)

(From the files of Mary Jean Caldwell)


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