Matthew Bezzant and Maria Cook

Matthew was born in Wilshire, England in 1826. He was a member of the Church of England, and while a young man moved to Wales where he worked as a farm laborer for 14 years. He and his first wife, Ann Savior had 4 children and joined the church together. During the early 1860s he served as branch president of the Cragun Hill Branch and prepared to take his family to Utah. Just before they were ready to leave his daughter died and shortly thereafter Ann passed away in childbirth. The family remained in London, England where he operated a milk route for his brother, William. His oldest son, Mark emigrated before the rest of the family with Matthew finally arriving in Utah on November 11, 1864. During the time he was in London he met Maria Cook, the daughter of a Methodist minister who had been driven from her father’s home because she had joined the Mormon church. They sailed on the same ship to America and were married in April of 1865. Of their 5 children, Mary Jane is our ancestor and grandmother. Matthew worked for the Union Pacific Railroad in Echo Canyon, and was part of the united order experiment in Pleasant Grove. He was an excellent farmer and bundle pitcher and to Lindon following a property trade with Oscar Winters. He died of pneumonia in February of 1891 Maria, who was known as grandmother by Aunt Lucile and Aunt Emily lived on the farm with her family until her passing in 1917.

(From a red binder from my grandmother)

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