Helaman Pratt Call

Written By Helaman Pratt Call

Attended school at Stoker Elementary School in Bountiful, So. Davis Jr. High School at Bountiful and Davis High School at Kaysville. My life from my very early childhood has been a series of Faith-promoting incidences. My father who suffered with cancer for 25 years was cured entirely by the power of the priesthood. When I was drafted into the Navy in 1944, I asked Bishop Sorensen for a blessing. He promised me if I would keep myself clean I would go to the thick of battle, but I would return to my family unharmed. I was assigned to a destroyer as a radar man. We saw our first action at Okinowa and on the 12th of April 1945 our ship was hit by a suicide plane and two torpedoes. There were 46 fatalities and more than 60 men were transferred to hospital ships besides those who would be treated aboard our ship. There were several other men who cracked up with battle nerves during the next 33 days while we were in the thick of the fight trying to repair our ship so we could leave the area. During all this time I had no fear of the outcome because of the blessing I received before leaving home. On Dec. 6, 1947 my wife and I were in an automobile accident. I was told that my wife couldn’t live and later that if she did live she would be an invalid. Thru administration of the elders she recovered and has taken care of our 6 children and still found time to devote to church work. She is councilor in the relief Society at present.

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