These are short lists with information about the person’s life and personality. They are meant for easy reference to get to know basic details of the person without having to go through a lot of information.

As you can see, I don’t have very many people done. I would love some help! You may make a list about an ancestor on your own or perhaps together as a family. This would be a great learning experience for you and would benefit others. Once you do this, please email me the finished project or hand it to me. Either works. You may also correct any incorrect data on the people I have already done, or send suggestions of what more you want on the list.

For more detail and information, go to the story section.

Walker Family Ancestors

Calvin Walker
Mary Lucille Wright Walker
Henson Walker

Call Family Ancestors

Helaman Pratt Call
Willard Call
Margaretta Unwin Clark Call
Merle Alice Rees Call


Harmon Cutler
Bill Maxwell
George Pack
John Pack
Phylotte Green